Farming ideas and business development for Filipinos

Farming ideas and business development for Filipinos

We have listed the best 5 farming ideas and how you can develop the business into extraordinary profit and boost income.

1.    Cattle or Cow – This animal will take about a years to grow but the best thing is that cattle is also one of the highest paying animals on the farm, a capital of 8-9k for a small cattle is a good price for a beginner and the development will just make a little bit harder, maintaining to grow and keeping the cattle healthy is one of the priority and the main thing to focus on because without a water to drink and a grass to eat will make them sick or less weight, we can avoid medicines for a cow just to make sure the animal is in care with a good farmer and he know how to care for it and feeding the cow is not hard to find grass in the farm so fewer expenses for their food and the investment is really satisfied, for an example you have purchased 3 cows with the amount of 8,500 each with a total of 25,500 and then your 1-2 years or sometimes 3 years of caring and feeding the cow will make you rich of course for an instant, the price of a cattle today is ranging up to 30,000 – 45,000 pesos so if you sell the three cow you will have 112,500 in average price. If you worrying where and how to sell your cow there’s a lot of people who are looking into it just because many restaurants and butchers are always selling in the market with thousands of people and some are for party food like weddings, funeral, birthday (if any), and lot more, Filipino loves to party and celebration did you?
2.    Goat are some of the best meat for many people and Filipino loves food like caldereta, kilawen and such exotic way of cooking, just like cattle farming it almost has the same way to grow this kind of animal, feeding with grass but the only difference is that goat has the other taste of grass or leaves in the farm so make sure to research what are the food that is good and bad for goat to eat, maintaining to grow a goat will just take a year but if want to extend their growing process it up to you, make sure that the meat should not be old enough so that the buyers will not think twice to have a negotiation longer, so just for a year. The capital to use is 1,000 to 1,500 for small goats and ranging to 4,500 to 6,000 pesos when ready to dispatch. In caring a goat makes a little bit harder because there are small animals comparing to a cow that hard to find grass or leaves to feed and location that are clean and the housing should be in it, without their house they can’t sleep and making a baby will easier them to make.
3.    Chicken cock poultry many of us have a chicken in the backyards but we can’t say that chickens in the backyard neighbors are enough to feed people especially when occasion is coming not just once but almost every day there are occasions around, what makes a chicken especial is that we have a traditional chicken favorite recipes like adobo, fried chicken, grilled or lechon manok, and much-flavored food. Chicken is easy to make them grow for just a days or 1 month for the exact, However the income has a little bit lower but we still increase it by increasing the number of chicken in the farm, feeding your chickens with corn or feeds that you can buy in a farm supply for animal food and with a little amount of food investment.
4.    Vegetable farming has a potential of great income because the growing processes of vegetables are continues if they fully grow and start producing, the flow of money will be not just like animals that you can wait until the end of growing months before you can sell them to the buyers, Vegetable is really important especially garlic, onions, and tomatoes, this three vegetables are one of the most important in the kitchen because without this three important vegetables you can’t cook a better pinakbet or mixed vegetables. Some of the most popular too to the market are the eggplant, String beans, Bitter melon, Squash, Ladyfingers, Green Chili, and Botchoy or petchay tagalong. The income is a little bit slow but just like what I said the difference will be known exactly by time.

5.    Corn farming can you guess what part of the Philippines is the best or biggest producer of corn? You can search on Google later, so how corn farming works? Let’s start with the questions 1. The reason of producing massive corn production? 2. Where and how can you sell the products? 3. Are you applicable for a business permit before you can sell? 4. How much would it be used to control this business because yes you will need a people to help you from planting to harvesting? And 5. How much can you actually earn? The reason is that we have animals to feed and some food products that we are consuming every day like chips, bread, and powders which are one of the basic needs or ingredients in making daily food products. To sell the corn is not hard to find buyers anywhere you can find a rice mill or a company that accepting harvested farm products. Literally no permit if you are only a local farmer. To estimate the expenses it would be range up to 50,000 or sometimes lower, but the income is really massive triple the capital.


DFA preparation and appointment

DFA preparation and appointment
Unang hakbang para simulan ang pag aaply ng Passport ay magtungo sa manila kong ikaw man ay taga province lalo sa  mga taga Ilocos province na isa sa pinaka maraming applicant ay nangagaling sa doon at ang iba naman ay galing din ng Mindanao at visayas provinces, ang bagong patayong DFA department ay matatagpuan sa Pasay City, malapit sa MOA, puwede po kayong mag taxi or lakarin dipende po kong ano ang gusto niyo dahil maganda na po ang daan patungong new DFA,  The new DFA has also a new system to process your application which is pinadali napo ang pag-gawa at electronic napo ang lahat, Unang gagawin bago mag aplay sa DFA ay:

1.    Create on appointment to DFA website before you plan to go in the DFA department, this will allow you to set a good schedule and let you decide what time will be your exact presence.
2.    Pumila sa loob ng departamento, may isang lalaki or mga dalawa hangang tatlong tao for guide sa mga tent na nakatayo or silong for applicant na puwede po ninyong upoan para hindi po mangawit habang hinihintay ang tawag ng batch ninyong nag apply na sabaysabay mismo sa oras at day na iyon na nag set kayo ng appointment.
3.    Make sure that you have all the things that is important before you go to DFA like: 2-3 valid ID’s, birth certificate original, NBI clearance, at ang perang pambayad sa processo, hindi ko napo alam kong magkano napo ang bayad ng passport ngayon dahil meron napo tayong bagong president which is Mr. Rodrigo Duterete, and I think there will be some changes napo siguro sa new DFA department because 2012 pa po ako nong nag apply.
4.    Mag handa ng 1,200 for the rush passport, and a little bit lower for a 15 days delivery.

The good news is that we have already renew the old passport into a new look involve inside every page of our Philippine passport, it’s a E-passport now and I think pinaganda at mas secured na ang passport natin para hindi magaya ng mga illegal na gumagawa or namemeke ng mga passport sa bansa natin.


Please avoid from does people who are telling you na sila na ang bahala para sa processo ng passport ninyo at mag bigay na lang ng halagang hindi niyo alam na masa mababa pa pala sa expectations and that’s what you call a SCAM. Wag na wag napo tayong mag papaloko sa mga scamers dahil dumadami napo sila. Mas maiging tayo or kayo napo ang mismong mag process ng passport ninyo dahil hindi naman napo mahirap gawin ang pag aaply. 


Smart Money Vs Globe Banco the differences

Smart money

Mas maraming service ang smart money as I know and they tell me about things what are the advantages and what are the features that you can use for a better and good transaction, mas malawak ang hinahawakang service ng smart compare to globe.

Mas gusto ko ang smart money kasi, mas ok siyang gamitin kaysa sa globe banco, ang smart money ay puwedeng gamiting pambayad sa Lazada.com at Philippines airline ticket or kaya namay mag shopping online with lock and unlock features na puwedeng i control using your phone with smart sim card, every transaction made a text message will receive just after a second of any purchase you made online or at any ATM BDO machines nationwide.

Comparing to globe banco, they offer good service as well as just like smart money but when it connects to the overall score and features smart money is better, some say globe banco is good and it uses for saving money even if you want to cash in a little amount of 100 pesos a day or 50 pesos a day puwede daw sabi ng pinsan ko, pero parang nakakahiya naman ata mag cash in ng ganun halaga sa banco pa naman at BPI bank.

I think parang ginaya lang ang smart money na nakipag connect sa Bnak, just a little ralated so much kasi halos parehas naman ang service tulad ng: mag save ka tapos puwede mo siyang kunin pag kailangan mo pero ang wala lang talaga sa globe banco na merson sa smart money ay ang puwede mong gamitin ang debit card for online trasactions.

Ang Globe banco ay may mobile banking service ganon din ang smart money which almost has the same features, para maintindihan basahin na lang po ninyo ang kanilang explanation below:

BPI Globe BanKO is Philippine’s first mobile phone-based, microfinance-focused savings bank. It was established in 2009 as a milestone partnership between the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI), the oldest operating bank in Southeast Asia; Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications company; and Ayala Corporation, one of the biggest and most respected conglomerates in the Philippines.

BanKO is leveraging its combined assets in banking and telecommunications to promote financial inclusion for the country’s “unbanked”. It is pioneering the delivery of formal financial services through its network of partner outlets. These partner outlets are existing establishments in the community that have been selected, trained and accredited to conduct customer identification for account opening applications, and perform cash in and cash out transactions. They are the critical link to bringing financial services to communities, even in remote locations, and ensuring pervasive reach and accessibility across the country.

Moreover, BanKO offers loans to microfinance institutions (MFIs), such as rural banks, NGOs and cooperatives. These loans can be in the form of wholesale institutional loans and capability-building developmental loans. In the past two years, BanKO has extended over P2B in loans to its partner MFIs, successfully reaching over 400,000 micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines.


Opening a business for English teaching in the philippines

There is a lot of business type in the Philippines and teaching English is one of it, so let's talk about this kind of business, other nationalities are now traveling in the Philippines to study English, So why they choice the Philippines to learn English? There are facts that Filipino's are good communicators and they are fluent in English especially in the world of call centers.

Opening a business like a school of learning English is a little bit hard and the amount of investment to use is definitely huge and the development/improvements are continuing.

In Cebu city, I have searched that there's a big school/number of school and they accepting different nationalities' across Asia and Europeans somewhere that places and one of the school owner are a Japanese, the employees/teachers are all Filipinos and they all working in English teaching.

The income is base on the yearly registered student, sometimes that year they have only 50 students and the expecting students to gain the average income is to attain 100 students for every graduation held.

What is the most useful and effective way to have more students is to advertise the websites that promote and tell about the best offers you can give to have more students so they will immediately choice your school.

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