Six Important Steps to Conduct Successful Business meetings

Six Important Steps to Conduct Successful Meetings 

To get results from a meeting, they must be planned successfully to be effective it has to achieve the meeting’s objective Take a minimum time, leave all attendees feeling energized. 

1. Make Arrangements, send e-mails, minimize meeting time.
2. Prepare and Distribute an Agenda Prior to the Meeting
3. Define the Meeting’s Objectives
4. Assign Action Items for each person on the agenda ahead of a meeting.
5. Provide Materials, such as handouts, charts, slides for discussions.
6. Don’t Waste Time, streamline discussions keep the meeting short and simple.
Never start late! Too much time is wasted on late arrivals. Don’t wait for latecomers! Being punctual can also gain respect as managers.

The 5 Aspects Of Economics

1. Production
A. Creation of economic good
B. Increase utility of good, ability of good to satisfy I they want.

3 types of production

Primary production > deals with extracting raw materials. Involves traditional economic act. like
1. Harvesting 2. Fishing/hunting 3. Mining 4. Farming

Secondary production > deals with the manufacturing and processing
Example: 1. Canning 2. Bakery

Tertiary production > rendering valuable services to fellowmen Example: 1. Teaching 2. Banking 3. Caregiving

2. Exchange
Exporting and importing of products.
Three types of exchange
1. Goods for goods
2. Service for service
3. Good or service

3. Consumption
The most important functions in economics, the ultimate of economic activity, if there is no consumption there will be no production and distribution.

Consumptions are consumers

Ways of consumption

1. Eating
2. Produce other goods
3. Consume through services
4. Wearing, continues  usage

4. Distribution
Apportionment of wealth or income derives from the shares of factors of production.

Factors of production
1. Land - rent
2.labor - wage/salary
3.capital - interest
4. Entrepreneur - profit

5. Public finance
The study of revenue uses and expenditure of the government.


How much does an OFW or workers abroad earn a month?

How much does an OFW or workers abroad earn a month?

If you are working in the USA then I think even if I will not estimate I know one of on OFW there can earn us much us $5,000 dollar a month or higher for does who are working with profession like IT, Teaching, Business, Engineering etc. and the none professionals can also earn higher than that $5,000 dollar but I think some of them almost just earn $1,500 dollar/or 70,000 a month in pesos conversion. it takes over from professionals who earn lower from that in the Philippines, so sad to say but the Philippines is really nowhere, I don't want to talk about the Philippines, we all know the Philippines has poor side and rich side which are most of them are corrupt especially in the government so you will be notified where to complain why jobs in the Philippines earn a little 1/4 cut if comparing abroad.

But before you confirm let me tell you this because I'm not yet finish discussing about OFW in the USA, In the USA OFW are required or even if not required you must need or you will need to find your best apartment or accommodation, so meaningly your salary is just mentioned without expenses above so let's make it clear right now, Salary minus apartment minus Food and allowance minus transportation or gasoline, then what else? so how's the none professionals? how do they survive? I don't know I just heard from my friend who discusses much time because I also inquiring how's life in the USA if it's good or better from here in the Arab country or is it great to live there?

So let's go to Saudi Arabia, USA is on the top list where numbers of Filipino's are working and KSA is second, Comparing to the USA I thinks I would rather choice here in Arab countries if you want to earn more in exchange of loneliness because we all know Arab country is a Muslim territory and they don't have entertainment to hung on and liquors, you can't even have a girl anywhere to find, so in the USA if you want a happy life and great moments then why not to go there and enjoy your life but expect a huge expenses even if you have a good salary. A comparison from this two countries you will notice that it's literally understanding how it is, even if I will not explain to you right now I know you understand what I mean.

A Saudi boy/girl salary with a profession or working in a good company can earn as much us S.R 6,000 or sometimes lower without OT, and a factory or none professionals can earn S.R. 2,000 or sometimes lower depends on the contract you sign if you agreed with a lower salary. what is the difference in the USA is that we have Free Accommodation, Free Wifi access, Free Appliances to use, Free Transportation and a lot even more so there is a balance between from each country, wherever you are there are different factors you should know but in the end we will understand that we are just the same when we meet sometimes and talk about you'rs and I say what's up!
Comparing is not the topic but seems to be acknowledged so you may know everything When it comes to food and materials or things you can buy between this two countries the USA is more expensive than here in the Arab countries, why? you should know because Saudi Arabia and Neighbors are oil exporters so you must think they have lower expenses and they produce products even more without TAX.

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