Do I have to create hundreds of content to make a thousand views a day?

Supposedly I’m going to be straight with you, the reason why Google and other hosting sites saying that they will go to pay you as soon as you have work with them and make them rich by submitting your articles and they pay you for just a penny, just like what I do I’m making articles for my blog but I’m not working for them like Squidoo and Triond.com which are prostrating you won’t believe me when I’m going tell you that you are just making them rich because they are paid fully from different publishing host which they earn much more than you the creator, what would you do with just 25% revenue if you can make your own hosting site or own domain blog and advertise online! Right now I earn .50 cents a day which are very low, but because of my fashion I can’t discontinue this hubby, however I was started YouTube to earn better and it works than blogging, but I’m telling you that you won’t get higher rate of pay per click until you won’t reach the best traffic like a thousand views a day, so how can you get that drive off visitors a day? Do you need to have hundred of a post or a thousand of articles? Definitely no!, because base on the 5 people that I have interview last night this guy told me that he have published 870 content on his blog and he earn 8-10 dollars a day, now that the other guy has a thousand of post and he earns just .30-1 dollar a day much higher than the other guy which is crazy, so how did he do that? He said with affiliates and sponsorships you can increase your earning and by advertising your website trough the social media and sharing to the public like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a lot more maybe it works for you, but for me! I think it’s going to be unaccepted because according to Google it refers to the advertisers who gave higher rate for you when they click the banner you have set in your blog there are advertisers who pay 1 cents per click and there are advertisers that can pay 1-5 dollars per click so when someone click your ads and exactly when advertiser set a .50 dollars per click then you will get the whole .50 cents per click at the same day or until the advertiser reach the maximum click he wants to get. Google can help you to reach your goal by making your blog looks professional, of course, you will need to pay Google per month to have the best domain and secondly you will need a good hosting site to help you spread your blog and to be able to know  or recognize you day by day.

"You won’t get thousand views or million of views if you won’t spend money on making it into the top, yeah! It’s just like a gambling or a game when you are lucky then it’s great but if not you better quite sometimes."

What are the basic preparations to work abroad?

Traveling out of the country is yet a very adventurous and a lot of fun, but emotionally we have a lot of things to accept and that’s is how to make yourself be brave and be patient where we all we know you have to live without your family, because you can’t take your whole family at once, you have to live with your own self and that makes you cry when you miss them alone, I know you have decided a months ago and you have already urge with your family to work abroad and that’s really emotional, I hope they understand why you need to do this, not just to support whatever they want but brilliantly you need to support your children (if you have) for their future (Education), for good living and quality life, there are reason why and important things you must achieve but you have to sacrifice to fulfill it.

Before I was depart I prepare myself not to listen to anybody who are always making you down and a lot of words coming from their mouth are just a waste and I never listen to anyone except to the advice coming from my mother (if you have) advice from older brother and sisters, of course your wife (if you have) this piece of advice are naturally and no regrets, they know how hard is it even though they never travel alone, they know what is right better, it’s a good relationship with you and your family to have a good understanding and no better than advice than make you alone without a support at all. Living alone to love ones are simply a little bit of hardship and sacrifice, you won’t tell yourself you are Ok at all times if you are guilty showing your happiness but behind is your loneliness, What’s make you sad is that you are not strong enough to fight for your feelings or you are not trained and you must need to fully sure before you go so you won’t think you want to go back home now.

I prepare myself not to think your sadness which makes you mad at all, there’s a lot of things to make you happy like playing games with your friends and make new friends whatever nationality he/she was, you must exist yourself happy so that your family will not worry too much, enjoy yourself – have a trip and rides – have fun with entertainment, and of course make love to the people you meet as friend, “God say you love your sister and brother” It’s really good to have someone to talk too and express your feelings which make you calm and optimistic, that makes you braver and strong when someone want to hug you and heal your heavy feelings.

I prepare myself with complete objectives like I need to earn money, I need to support my family, I need to achieve my dreams, and I need to be patience and sacrifice everything. You will not die you are just going to other country and accept the contract, after 1 or 2 years you will go back home and you will be happy again. The strongest weapon that I have is a prayer and I never disappointed at all, my faith is strong and I was safe and I feel lucky when I always think that god is on my side protecting me for every step I make, and that’s the greatest preparation I have.

You can’t say you will be fine and you can have a good job in your country if you know there are better jobs waiting for you, we know your country is poor and you must know that there are no any differences from rich country, the only thing that differs is how you make your self-starter and most importantly is that you work for a big dream.

I prepare myself how to live without my parents and my siblings and I said I can make this tough, I want to save money for my future and make my future the best that I can so that when times come that I’m ready to have my own family then there will not be any difficulties as I prepare this for myself for a long time.

Working abroad is somehow one of the hardest sacrifice of someone who live and try their luck that they hope they can attain much better life and future for their family, every life on earth has a dream, every one of us have to prepare anything whatever we do and wherever we are not just for work but also how you prepare yourself for deeper experience and new world like you never see before, making yourself unprepared will make you fail. However, when someone asks you where you going, tell them that you will go to start making a dream.

How to Claim the Financial Assistance of P26K from OWWA?

Iting minsan lang na pagkakataon na ito ay para lamang sa mga apektado na nawalan ng trabaho at mga stranded or repatriated pero hindi nakuha ang mga sahod sa mga amo nila, dito sa mga companies na ito.

Only families of affected OFWs who are still at job site shall be entitled to the financial assistance under the program
How to avail and what are the requirements?
1) Accomplished application form (ask POLO, EMBASSY or CONSULATE)

For family members of OFW’s currently together at KSA Job site
1) Accomplished application form
2) Proof of Relationship to the OFW
3) Photocopy of Birth Certificate
4) Photocopy of Marriage Certificate

For repatriated workers
1) Accomplished application form
2) Passport or Travel Document
3) Proof of Unpaid Salaries

Saan kukunin?
According to the program implementation plan, there will be assigned “Welfare Officer” who will visit campsites of these stranded OFWs. The Welfare Officer shall profile the target beneficiaries and process their application for assistance.
Program Implementation states the following:
1. Concerned Welfare Officer, in coordination with POLOs, shall visit campsites of stranded OFWs for profiling of target beneficiaries and processing of applications for assistance.
2. Qualified OFWs who are still at job site shall claim the SR1,590 financial assistance through the Welfare Officer in KSA.
3. Qualified OFWs who were already repatriated to the Philippines shall claim the Php 20,000.00 financial assistance through the OWWA Regional Office nearest their residence.
4. Families of qualified OFWs still at job site in KSA shall claim their Php 6,000.00 financial assistance through the OWWA Regional Welfare Office nearest their residence.
5. Concerned Welfare Officer or Regional Director shall submit electronically to the Home Office the list of affected workers and availed on a weekly basis through the Overseas Operations Coordination Service/ Regional Operations Coordinating Service.


What are the advantage of watching movies in our life?

I think we have a lot of differences between other people around the world and us boys and girls, we have different opinions and actions we made after watching this movies, when you ask me and I tell you that as a fan of world war z I think I love it and I watch it every time I want because it gives me knowledge, trail, and when after watching I feel tired, but I don’t know why I think it’s because my eyes want to sleep now? And I use it as a very useful to me when I want to sleep easily; I don’t feel any scared after all. Some people say, they watch movies as a fast time and they really love it especially when you have someone to treat in the movie world, Some people share a chat and they watch it every day and most of them are alone with their family and I think it’s going to be useful to make them happy as I keep sharing links to them on Facebook when someone do upload a movie on Facebook.

Every story’s like fictions and action movies are getting me so imaginative. So I only watch does that are popular like Harry potter, Star wars, the Avengers, Iron man, Spider man, Titanic, World war z and other Filipino and international films, I don’t watch Indi films because it is not satisfied? And there are things that are I don’t understand and I just keep avoiding it.

A very special moment when you are with friends at home and they want to watch movie, your time to spend with them makes it longer after the movie ends 2-3 hours, sometimes we met people around the street and talk to them in just a minutes and I love to have friends who are also a movie lovers.

A family with great communication and understanding is really amazing, watching a movie with them is the best thing you’ve ever never miss at all times, especially when everyone’s love watching comedy and fantasy which is perfect for family bonding while your mother is cooking and preparing for food.

Other developments in mind and advantages would begin with some other classifications in those matters, which is important to us to have more ideas and imaginative behaviors. The only thing that is unnecessary is that when someone who never guided with parental guidance then it would be the worst thing you did.

Every bad word and anything that you watch in a movie are all fake, but some of it are true story’s and a lot of it are just characterized and a full of fictions/theory’s, so be safe and avoid also watching porn’s or naked performers anywhere and that’s what you call the disadvantage of watching movie.

I download movies every day after my work in the office and I watch it every night while eating my dinner and I got to sleep after the ending of the movie, I am satisfied with that hubby, however I don’t have a roommates or close friend that someone you can trust together and a buddy you can have every day, but it’s ok, actually I’m working here abroad and meeting another nationality is different from making friends with Filipinos.

It’s really hard when you are trying yourself making happy, watching movies forget problems and heal your loneliness, vlogging and making this article make yourself busy and you won’t always think your family, I think they are much Ok then me because they are complete at home and not as difficult to find things that might lift you to be happy.

Going back to advantages, there are also factors that you may think why and how long are able to be maintaining that happiness watching your favorite movies? Every time I watch there are some characters that I have loved so much and a diehard fan like Angelina Jolie, Marian Rivera, Maha Salvador, Charlie’s angels, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, Jet lie, And many more, I forget does other popular names to mention about but I just type does I remember most. I believe that watching movies is not a waste time at all and it gives satisfaction to the mind and making your self-enjoying just like others do, Making yourself  more creative depends on how you understand the story and how you apply like a knowledgeable and informative films. Making this article while watching movie is a great time to complete this article and I hope someone will make me happy today because you are going to share this post and comment below with your favorite movie title and the best character you love, please help and support this blog by sharing it to Facebook and don’t forget to follow me, thank you!


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