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LBC Empty Drum Price in Saudi Arabia

Now that I can't find the answer here in the searching option I make mine off my post and I asked the LBC fan page on facebook how much it cost the LBC balikbayan drum so this is what they tell me below.

"Thank you for contacting us  Max Intel . Our LBC team would like to assist you. Estimated charge for the empty drum is 120.00 riyal and freight charge is 289.00 riyal. While for an empty extra large box is 20 riyal and freight charge 319.00 for large is 15.00 riyal and freight charge is 189.00. Please be advise that final costing will be given by the branch including the rate for the declared value, upon checking of your shipment.-Yzel
Chat conversation end"

And in addition of this, I realize that they are slightly right on moving, because they could travel far a distance which we know the Philippines is really bad when it comes to road mapping and the vehicle roads are not so good so the delivery actions are slow, Depends on the distance how far where you're house is if you are asking for kilometer charge, so it means the far the location the higher the price, so don't ask me again on this or with the team LBC.

Air cargo is faster, of course, just for 7 days, But the transaction fee is triple the price of the Sea cargo with a fixed charge only.

If you have another question please comment below! and we will answer it within second.

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