5 ways to Investment while working abroad (OFW) 2016

Before leaving the country or, vacation has settled then it's good for you to plan for investment the smartest way and the easiest way not by using a lot of energy and money or even just thinking of it a little,
1. The Pag- Ibig fund or MP1 and MP2 program - This is seriously amazing! you won't believe me when I say your money after one year will be doubled, MP1 is on investment for retirement at the age where you decided to have the pension or even loan. The MP2 is very exciting to start because MP2 has the highest rate of money back with unexpected high yield or revenue, it will double the money you have invested for a year or even a very long term like five years or more.

Ang pinaka mababang bayad para sa MP1 is 100 pesos pero kapag ikaw ay matagal ng OFW sa abroad and you must need to increase your contribution upto 1,000 and plus.

Ang pinaka mababang bayad para sa MP2 is 500 pesos pero kapag nais mong dagdagan kahit magkano ay tatangapin just to make sure to pay every month while working abroad, para makabayad - kailangan mong sabihin sa office ng pag-ibig na OFW ka at papayagan ka nilang mag authorize ng ibang tao upang mag bayad sa investment mo. Kailangan mong mag-invest or maghintay ng mga limang taon bago mo ito puwedeng ma withdraw o gamitin.

1.1 SSS - SSS has the same offer for retirement and investment for a period of 2-5 years they call it SSS - Flexi Fund

2. Videoke or karaoke rental - Not enough so hard for this kind of business, you have only one thing to be accomplished before leaving or ask for parents to have papers to run your business legally. While working abroad ask them to buy this machine and the smartest thing is that when the actions made so fast growing and clients will start increasing, then money have over pass the remittance more enough not to remit again otherwise you can tell them to use the money from rentals and you will keep the money to earn it. Kapag Malam pasan mga buwan na maganda ang kita ng rental ninyo, puwedeng hindi kana mag bigay ng panostos sa family mo dahil nadiyan naman ang in invest mong puhonan para sakanila. Pero kapag ang business mo ay matumal or kulang para sa pang gastos nila, ikaw naman ang mag dadagdag ng gastos nila, atleast hindi na masyadong malaki ang ibibigay mong pera, for on example kumita ang business mo hindi lang videoke rental puwede ring nag tayo ka ng Carinderia or taniman sa bukid ng mga 5,000 pesos at ang dati mong remittance value ay 10,000 pesos then 5,000 pesos na lang ang ibibigay mo at maiipon mo ang 5,000 pesos every month.

3. Cattle or animal farming - This is slightly hard but I have tried before, I actually tell my father to buy a small one and let it grow until a years come and my father sells it to the market for 40,000 plus, the bigger the cow/cattle the more range of price it will be, they are selling it a whole cow before slaughter, the only thing that is slightly difficult is that when you have not enough maintenance or once they have attacked by sicknesses or viruses but, if you already know that, just to make sure that the environment, your surroundings are clean and yeah! just like what I say you have a maintenance personnel to keep the place clean and animal conditions are in safe.

4. When it comes to Technology and you are not satisfied with hands-on business then you are may be good for technology, (YouTuber)

Vlogging and editing videos is a simple way of constructing community audience and building communication where you can use your videos to earn money by advertising do business where YOUTUBE and GOOGLE ADSENSE program are helping you to make it the best for your passion.

There are just two important things  so that you will be able to start blogging it yourself like:
1. A Camera or Camcorder (DSLR) point and shoot, Smartphone or anything with a video camera.
2. Laptop as well because you might not able to review or edit your videos before you are going to upload it on Youtube, it's better to edit the video because you will see where do mistakes and unnecessary scene are, so you are able to remove it using Microsoft applications.

If you are satisfied and add some please comment below, thank you!

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