How to complete balikbayan box in 2 months?

Some parts of the world like slightly slow economy but good governance has different aspects and balance of salary distribution to employees and some things that you've always think is that the country where you are is important and you need to easily understand the changes for on example: you are working in the USA and you might wonder why people in Saudi Arabia are faster and 50% of balikbayan box are coming from Saudi Arabia and Near Middle East Countries.

The question is How much is your Salary per month?
If your salary is higher than the president compensation it would take just a quick decision right away to buy all the thing that you need to complete listed by your family or relatives in the balikbayan or transport cargos.

Now let's do the 2 months tips
1. Try to adjust your lifestyle, one of the reasons why you are wondering by your budgeting style is over before salary day again.
2. First, after salary receive you need to prioritize and set aside the fund for this thing before else.
3. Actions are starting in disciplinary plans
4. Every season there are many malls and markets that are offering discounts, so you make sure to be there on the spot to know each quantity displayed with the amount that is affordable with your budget.
5. The list does a thing and make on schedules or let just say you are going to buy this materials/goods when excess money are available, but do not use your money from allowance because you will be hard to fill the credit again, it should be exact.

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