Watermelon business in Saudi Arabia

I just spotted this seller of watermelons on the road and seems to be the sale and offering the costumers to free taste on it before the transactions.

All over the country and each city are more likely the Philippines which are very open to market to market sale, Saudi Arabia is producing fruits on its own farm land in some classified places with water irrigation, and somehow I was confusing before how they manage water irrigation and how they produce it or what kind of water they use to water the plants and vegetables, we know that Saudi is literally a desert. However, someone said They have tanks that are stored row and the water from huge pipes from the sea or water station that refined before being used by the entire province.
All over the country, they sell not just watermelons but different varieties and products which are very popular like dates, melons, tomatoes, garlic, unions and different kind of seasonings originated from India, this is the main products in Saudi when talking about vegetables, I know what you're thinking that unions and garlic are really demanding all over the world but this vegetable that we are mentioning is very useful to them every day they need it, no other cooking time to skip them because they love seasonings.
Comparing to the Philippines business and economics, we are more productive when it comes to producing raw materials, export quality products and many more but here in Saudi they have Oil of course, but right now they are in crisis because USA have opened their Oil company where before they import oils from here in Saudi, on this case, Saudi and other middle east country have cutting off employees to travels to limit the population of expats so that little by little they meet the exact need of every household in their country, what they do is that they building tourist attractions and BAKALA or groceries and malls to increase product demands from there own.

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