What is the most used search engine in a blogger report?

This is my blog views and total percentage where these viewers come from and I discover that Google Chrome is the most used search engine when opening the internet.

It's a little bit close with FireFox but both of it are really useful and base on my reviews and surveys seems like they are competing with each other since the internet was launched years ago.

And most of my views was from the USA which is really amazing to have them because USA rates from my ads is a lot of help with higher rates from advertisers which are benefited a lot to me.

Salary of a food chain and restaurant crews in Saudi Arabia

The salary information listed on this page are based on WorkAbroad job openings within the year 2008. The salary rates posted are for information purposes only. Workabroad.ph does not guarantee their accuracy. 

There are companies that are not accurate of the same as they post or advertise online, I'm not really sure of that salary because I have a lot of friends here in Saudi Arabia and they talk about their life and salary which is totally very low, about 12,000 pesos a month and if 15k to 16k you would be lucky enough for that salary.

Suggestion for does who are searching and looking for a job, please reminding you that this is not a joke, you must straightly ask how much or ask again does friends here if you are in the Philippines how much they earn a month so you will not regret to come here. it's important to you to know better first before accepting this kind of job, I think you better apply in a factory than in a food chain or restaurant, now if you don't you can also apply to a cruise ship, but not all everyone have passed the examination so fast, they have a lot of screening and qualification to give you the trust.


Top Yolanda Donors at foreign governments

Andaming donation hindi naman alam kong saan naponta ang mga ito? ano sa tingin niyo, bakit wala paring nangyayari sa pinas lalo na sa tacloban? samar at iba pang nasalanta ng bagyong yolanda.

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