The first micro satellite of the Philippines lunched in USA


The most surprising thing about BDO and BPI in remittance

Did you know that BDO has the fastest money transfer bank to bank operation at only 15 minutes or less at the time after sending your money? All kind of bank in the Philippines BDO has the fastest and easiest way for banking financial works.

I experience how bad has the BPI do the operations in the international transfer and it's really bad slow comparing to BDO, But not just BPI just the same us the other bank in the Philippines like PNB, Metrobank, and so on. This is not a promotion for BDO or giving wrong information and taking down the other banks but I want to know everybody who is always seeking for faster banking operation.

So if you are going to send money in the Philippines use BDO as on account branch beneficiary, I 'am telling you they have the fastest and easiest money transfer from abroad.


Countries with the largest number of Filipinos - Updated 2013

Total population 10,238,614 overseas (2013)
Regions with significant populations Countries with the largest number of Filipinos abroad

1. United States 3,535,676 
2. Saudi Arabia 1,028,802 
3. Malaysia 993,580 
4. UAE 822,410 
5. Canada 721,578 
6. Australia 397,982 
7. Italy 271,946 
8. United Kingdom 218,126 
9. Qatar 204,550 
10. Singapore 203,243 
11. Hong Kong 201,094
12. Kuwait 198,289 
13. Japan 182,917 
14. Taiwan 89,195 
15. Bahrain 72,083 
16. Greece 61,716 
17. South Korea 59,839 
18. Oman 55,590 
19. France 48,018 
20. Germany 47,214 
21. Spain 42,804 
22. New Zealand 39,091 
23. Israel 36,400 
24. Brunei 32,765 
25. Jordan 29,766 
26. China 29,691 
27. Lebanon 29,113 
28. Papua New Guinea 26,153 
29. Netherlands 21,789 
30. Switzerland 20,910 
31. Cyprus 19,948 
32. Norway 18,088

The best month for OFW vacation

December first week up to February last week or you can have the best vacation when you have given 3 months' vacation starting in December and departure on Feb. last week.

So why it is the best?

Just because obviously December is Christmas and after Christmas, New year than February for hearts month right?

Actually, I experience this vacation, I got my vacation December 2 departure going back to The Philippines, and my vacation ends on February 16 just after hearts days Feb. 14

I can say that my vacation is the best because I don't expect that thing, what really running into my mind is to see and hug my family and occasion's given free for me!

However, Money got low, my earnings getting empty after the vacation and I need to go back for another work construct again.

What on experience for Christmas that we always dream as we are far away from our family, however, every country have the same occasion as the Philippines but the feelings and enjoyment with your family from friends is a big different.

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