The advantages of internet in the society

There are almost thousand of reasons to say and I think the internet is the greatest thing ever invented in our life.

1. Internet was used to communicate with another person, by the group, for business, private, for the company and everything that deals with communication because there's a lot of apps that we can use today as the economy on the inside internet is growing fast and counting. like: E-mail, Gmail, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger and much more.

2. The internet is used to make money especially in advertising, there's a lot of people who have benefited and revenue is just flowing in their hands continuously, just like Mark Zuckerburg the founder of Facebook.com. You can earn money using the internet by developing websites and hosting, uploading videos or selling, making ads for your direct selling business, online shopping, blogging, making articles like this and you can even invent your own business.

3. Internet service has been recognizing anywhere so it's really easy to approach someone that are in need or for on example of emergency which is really needed. communicating with a mobile phone to a computer and even communicating a mobile to a robot and many such high-tech devices that run on the internet.

4. Entertainment inside the internet is really popular especially Yotube.com which is the most viewed entertainment in the world, you can upload or download videos anything you want, entertainment that just easy to access the internet. a very simple way to hang on whenever you are, or even you are alone.

5. The Internet that is not only for business or communication but also for education and school practice, internet service in schools is really useful for research and visual module.


Is it possible to transfer your money from a bank to another bank?

Remittance is the only way to transfer your money from a bank, but I'm not saying that your bank account in the country where you are staying is not working at the best position.

I would mean that using a bank A and you want to transfer your money from bank A to bank B is not possible.

The only way now if you are staying in your country is to withdraw the money and deposit in the other banks, but why are you doing this? never mind it's not in my business, but that's the answer to the question, it's not my own idea but I also ask them this by communicating them before, Becuase I also search this point as you do.
banking made not so easy for this thing, and why is it hard to make this for them? it's because they don't let you do that as you are under to them, it's embarrassing and not a good idea as their service is making you good then you transfer your money to another bank is just like you throw them in the trash and use the new bank account.

The only 9 Filipino medalist in Olympics

1. Mansueto Velasco - Silver medalist
2. Roel Velasco - Bronze medalist
3. Leopoldo Serantes - Bronze medalist
4. Anthony Villanueva - Silver medalist
5. Miguel White - Bronze medalist
6. Simeon Toribio - Bronze medalist
7. Jose Villanueva - Bronze medalist
8. Teofilo Yldefonzo - Bronze medalist
9. Teofilo Yldefonzo - Bronze medalist

It's really sad to know and see what is happening to the system of the Philippines, I don't know if the problem would be a corruption again or just keeping the basket hot and just filling the bread until full.
I have always expected the real game and the Filipino spirit will rise again just like before, we have already got some silvers and bronze but we haven't not yet attained the best medal which is the gold to make the country's proud for the first time in history and finally we have. But unfortunately, we can't predict the future whoever else knows the fact if the reality is just a dream now?

Rio Olympics 2016 Medal Count

Rio Olympics 2016 Medal Rankings - First week

Opening ceremony will be held at August 05, 2016.
Results on medal ranking will be start on August 07,2016 (Brazil Time)

Map of Rio de Janeiro showing the competition venues for the 2016 Summer Olympics.


How a skycam works in stadium?

Are you wondering why how people got a good shot in the air while players are in the field? and maybe you are thinking that drones are on the shoot? nope! actually its a bigger cam and it is operated manually or with remote control and wires.

Take a watch on video, and know how they operate the sky cam on the football field. This technology is really amazing because it uses very tiny wire and technology that controls the movements where it goes whenever you touch the joystick or the remote control.

comilla, devidhar, khalilpur - P.O. Box adress

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Area/Street/Village  Khalilpur
Post Office :  Gangamandal
Thana :  Davidhar
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Post Code :  3531


20 facts you must know in the middle east

Are you wondering why are they so very conservative? Not that way they are really but crime speaking they are the most disciplined own law a cultural dynasty traditions which is one of the most powerful law in the world, just like Japan.

20 facts you must know in the middle east
1. Do not ever touch someone that not seems to happen anytime or even girl protected by husband and their brothers.
2. Saudi people are so perfume lovers especially mom's and rich people in emirates or in the middle east.
3. Saudi Arabia is the only country that is not free open, it's the center of the Muslim country, however, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE  are already opened their way for Christians but Muslim traditions and the law is still strictly prohibited or implemented.
4. Why Qatar have the highest GDP or richest country in the world among the middle east country? now that Saudi has the huge oil importer records in the past 20 years? it's because in total the meaning of GDP per capita is gross domestic products which mean the lifestyle of every household has the higher living cost than the other country and you must know that Saudi is a big country.
5. You can find the tallest building in the world in Burj Khalifa, United Arab emirates.
6. The busiest airport in the world is the Dubai international Airport with the highest number of traffic passengers.
7. 18 wheeler tracks with a maximum speed are free on running roads in Dubai.
8. Car insurance is implemented by the government in the middle east especially in Saudi.
9. The person who died in Saudi Arabia must be buried within 24 hours, except OFW and expats.
10. No recycling factory or junk shop found in Saudi Arabia, this is not a popular business.
11. Vegetables in Saudi Arabia are 2 times bigger than in the Philippines (all kinds of vegetable).
12. All girls in the middle east must be fully covered with black Abaya and Niqab wherever they are, except in open country like Indonesia they covered their face partially, otherwise, middle east workers are still required to wear.
13. In Saudi Arabia, you will never see a whole family together walking on the road, except in the beach, because they love beach together.
14. You might notice that Saudi has few number of Van vehicles or 11 - 8 sitters cars, you must wonder because all family members have their own family car and family driver.
15. 75% of the middle east population are consuming thousands of chicken every day and they called it Kabsah, Kabsah is a family of mixed rice dishes that originates in Yemen.
16. The grandest and one of the best Hotel in Saudi Arabia is the Raffles Makkah Palace, located at King Abdul Aziz Endowment Makkah.
17. A man or husband in Saudi Arabia has the privilege to marry a woman how many times he wants, but just like other country people said, make sure to support each side, and you have the power or wealth to make them live.
18. Alcohol or any flammable contents in your accommodation/home/rented houses is strictly avoided and you may land or put into jail and a punishment you might not expect to slash a part of your body every week.
19. You are not allowed to enter the mosque if you are not converted yet in Muslim, especially in mekka "mecca"a place in Riyadh. Is Islam’s holiest city, as it’s the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and the faith itself.
20. The most popular sport in the middle east is football.

For readers from Saudi Arabia/Middle East please let us know your opinion and corrections if any, all the information gathered was just come from people who are living in Saudi Arabia.


World Cup of Pool Total Rankings 2006-2015

This sources of info. is from Wikipedia: updated this January 2015-2016
With different judge scoring base on tournaments points and titles, Philippines is one of the best pool players in the world second is china followed by England, Finland, Germany and the united states of America which is at top 6.
Almost all independent competition like this, Philippines has a potential to Olympics right? but why they can't? what is the missing part of them why they can't compete in Olympics for gold? and we know that boxing careers in the Philippines are really amazing.

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