How many months to wait for the best earning on my blog with google Adsense?

actually, it may take some years?
The same us like I'm doing right now, I' am trying so hard to drive visitors to take a look at my blogs/websites. However, I don't understand the nature and what is really happening here. At first, I don't know why people skipping on coming ahead. Just a couple a day, I knew that there are many factors we should consider and expect now a blog said in order to promote and deliver the message in the net where you can play with ads or advertising in the network groups like Facebook, and Google Adwords. You can have views just a hundred, anyway without ads, but if you are expecting for a huge click then it's better you to promote on the network or search engines host, but I'm not using this, because I believe with blogger.com they freely give free search list on the hosting site (google) and with the support of the new Google plus community.
The only things that I'm wondering is that, how and when will we reach the best rates or earning from your post? is it a year? I don't really know because, as of now my 98% Adsense earnings are coming from my Youtube channel today. I don;t want to delete or put this blog in waste because I already have 500 posts in counting so it's very hard to abandon, I use a lot of time for this blog that's why I'm still writing a post.
When I start earning from this blog, I got some 00.45$ then after a week .20$ then a month .10 and sometimes .01$ it's really disappointing. but still hoping for the best earning so far.


Why Japanese yen has a lower currency rate in the Philippines?

So how is that happen?
Almost all country in the world where they have higher rates value that means they are richer than the country with the lower rate of value.

So in japan, they have a different and unique comparison as finance tell us that they are not even moving as just a traditional way where they can say they have the lower rate but they have higher income and wealth is worth living well. I can say that what matter is not its number, but how much you can make in a day of working in japan.

So let's see some commentators say's:

Best Answer:  One US dollar was worth about 360 yen in the 70's. Then the yen appreciated to about 250 yen per dollar in the early 80's, then to about 120 yen to the dollar after that, and after some fluctuations is about 77 yen now. The Japanese currency used to have seen but that is now outmoded. They never re-evaluated their currency into making a new unit like a center-yen or male-yen etc, for any other reason than it wasn't needed. 

To say the yen has no value is foolish, to put it mildly. But it sounds brilliant compared to saying the Japanese economy is twice as bad as the Philippines. In 2010 the GDP (adjusted for purchasing power parity) was 4.31 trillion US dollars. The Philippines was only $351.4 billion. If you don't know what that really means, it is not surprising, since you clearly don't know anything about economics or currencies. Apparently, you think the only thing the Philippines needs to do is create a new currency called a mega-peso, worth US$23,000 and the Philippines will be the greatest economy on the face of the earth. Good luck pushing that theory.

Never-Again · 4 years ago 

$240 billion dollars own and certified to marcos family in the philippines

KAYAMANAN Ni PRES. MARCOS Panuorin po natin kung gaano kayaman ang mga Marcos at mapapatunayan po na hindi ito nakaw sa taong bayan. Bagkus sila pa ang ninanakawan ng mga dilawan.Watch And Share!
Posted by Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos on Saturday, January 3, 2015

There is a thousand metric tons of gold reserve that are own by only one which is Ferdinand Marcos, the half of it is stored at the banko central ng Pilipinas underground and the another half of it is in American, there is also a video that I watched and they interviewed Imelda Marcos and she show to the journalist the amount of money from him with $890 billion dollars deposited in Belgium, and there's a lot more, how can you imagine that? it was stored clearly with certificates and documented so how they say this are ill-gotten wealth? if the money he owns is higher than the income of the Philippines? or GDP that time when Marcos was in position?

Applying online banking with BPI is really disappointing

After enroling eto natangap ko sa kanila i priprint kopa talaga! tapos pipirmahan ko yung apat na lines below then ang sumunod.

Binigay yong adress nila kong saang ko ihuhulog yung pinirmahan ko via air mail? ang tanong ko po papaano naman kong nasa abroad or dito ako sa abroad? dipoba consideration na lang kasi po yong gagamiting time at effort sa pera eh papadala na lang namin sa pinas!

Sa lahat ng inaplayan kong online banking BPI lang ang may mano mano gawain gaya nito, hindi ko po alam kong ano po ang dahilan bakit pahirapan pa ang tao mag-apply online.

In-case may sagot kayo sa tanong ko, please replyan yo ang post nato salamat!.

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