Requirements on applying MetroBank Debit card/ATM

The requirements for applying Metrobank ATM or debit card is yong valid ID's na ginagamit parin gaya po ng Passport, School ID, Government ID, Postal ID, Voters ID, at marami pang iba.

Puwede po silang mag-request ng Picture pero karamihan na po ngayon ay technology granted na kaya puwede na po kayong picturan na lang sa office diretso sa account ninyo sa files nila.

Kong worry po kayo sa initial or kailangan pong mag-deposit para maka apply, hindi napo kailangan iyon, ang importante po sa pag-papagawa ay completo yong mga pipirmahan at wala pong mali sa information or details na galing or tungkol po sa inyong buhay. Pero kong mang hihingi sila ng initial deposit in-case 100 pesos po yong pinaka mababa as bank standard minimum per application fee, pero sa inyo parin po yong pera.

Meron po yung ibang bank na ibibigay agad ang card niyo at simulang mag-lagay ng pin codes gaya ng Metrobank. 1 days after pin code change, maari na pong gamitin ang card for withdrawal, pero puwede na po mismo sa araw na iyon ang pag deposit ng pera.

10-15 minutes lang po yung processing niya.

Requirements on applying MetroBank Debit card/ATM

How to apply for Metrobank ATM/debit card in Saudi Arabia

Sobukan po ninyong pontahan ang mga bank branches nato kong nasa Saudi Arabia po kayo:

Magpunta lang sa pinakamalapit na Metrobank tie-up:
-Al Rajhi Banking
-Arab National Bank
-Bank Al Bilad
-National Commercial Bank
-Riyadh Bank

I try niyo munang mag inquire sa mga bank na ni lista, kong wala po or ayaw, pag uwi po ng pinas doon na po tayo mag-papagawa. Ang mali po kasi natin ay dapat nag-pagawa po muna sana tayo ng ATM savings account or debit card bago tayo naka alis, ganon paman sanay tangapin yong tanong niyo sa mga bank na naka lista at matulongan kayo kong papaano ang MetroRemit na bagong serbisyu ng MetroBank.

Ang sabi po ng ibang bank, mag-punta po ng Telemoney, gaya po ng ibang bank ganon po ang sagot, ang pag-kaka alam ko po ay iba po yong bank at sending branches, gaya po ng Enjaz at Telemoney ito po at mga sending branches lang na di po puwedeng gamiting parang banko din.

Noong umuwi po ako ng pinas, nag-pagawa napo ako ng account ko. Kong dito po kasi mag-papagawa ng account mahirap din po sigurong mangyari iyon, pero kong possible po iyon ay puwedeng abutin ng mga ilang weeks bago makarating sa inyo ang confirmation at yong ATM mo. Kasi sa Pilipinas lang po puwedeng gawin or i process ang ATM.

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Top 3 best and easiest investment product in the Philippines

1. BPI Save-Up - Why? you save so instant and higher interest rates is offering for some limited and special lucky people who know the first in the product.

2. Pag-Ibig Mutual Fund 2 (MP2) - This is very reliable and useful, you can earn us much as 30,000 plus dividends and the yield in 5 years with 500 pesos a month deposit. Total investment income would be 60,000 and more.

3. SSS - Flexi-fund - 200 pesos a month in any year you can use it.

Kids of OFW tells about emotional feelings, it makes me tears! from BPI bank

Grabe nakakaiyak to panoorin niyo sila.

What is the minimum investment required for BDO members?

The smallest record so far is 1,000 pesos, but I have a question on that 1,000 pesos, how much is the rate of return? well, I don't know but I think they will still let you decide for it if you want to add some more every month.

So the thing is that every month you will need to add your investment starting initial deposit, so if the money you are investing is growing, the profit will also grow defends on the stock buyers condition because sometimes business is going down and up.

Why do we need to invest in a bank?

It's because we need to save for the future right? not only that but the main reason why is that you want or a bank wants you to run the service and let your money helps you to grow your wealth, now is that sounds good? of course yes! it's not hard to do so if you have enough money to use it and invest for the best result.

Banks will need a time and yearly working so that your money will be suited to many businesses around the country, this is the cycle formula:

Investor >>> Bank >>>>>>>>Businesses >>>>>>>>>> Bank >>>>>>>>>>>>Investor
   100%            99%                  99% to 135%                      125%                              120%
                                               They earn 10%               They earn 5%              Your profit is 20%

Continue investing until 10 years  that 120% times 10 years equals ?

So that's the cycle, it will not run so far, the bank will provide everything between you and the business of other people, they can also help other people too, like if someone have a credit card and he just paid the credit every month and the every % of the money will be then added to your own yield. Not all the rates the bank just added a small amount of yours because you are not just one who is investing. However, as what they say, the more money you put in the bank the more potential of high rates and the longer the time where your money is deposited and you added sometimes the more yield or benefits you can get.

BDO loan services

1. Personal loansStop worrying about finances and bring your plans to life with BDO Personal Loan. Enjoy low-interest rates, easy payment terms on your financing needs such as Home Renovations, Tuition Assistance, Travel Expenses and more.

2. Home Loan Settle down in your own home today. BDO Home Loan makes owning a home easy and affordable.

3. Auto loanDrive your new car sooner than you think. BDO Auto Loan can help you finance your own car whether for personal or business use.

4. SME loanTurn your opportunity into reality and immediately respond to challenges. BDO SME Loan can provide the financing you need to expand your business.

5. Project Finance LoanProject Finance Loan provides for financing of projects that depend on project cash flow as repayment.

6. Term LoanA term loan may be medium term, which is to be paid within 1-3 years, or long term, paid over 3 - 5 years.

7. Small Business LoanTurn your opportunity into reality and immediately respond to challenges. BDO SME Loan can provide the financing you need to expand your business.

BDO international branch offices?

They have one foreign branch in Hong Kong and 19 remittance/representative offices operating in Asia, Europe, and the United States. For the complete list of BDO’s overseas offices, please refer to International Offices under the Domestic and International Network of the About Us section of this website.


Do i have on BDO insurance when i apply for cash cards?

None, it would be unfair and a lot of money will be used and there will be a shortage on marketing on any banks in developments and financing on it will be difficult to produce.

If you mean, life coverage or accident coverage it won't be fair for a bank because you are only a card user, unless you already apply for any investing facilities and stock market brokers.

Insurance is not the one for the easiest thing to plan for nothing is in the competition like investing, otherwise, you may be asked again for this question and it will be clear for you to know right now and never ask for insurance in the bank.

How much will it cost for BDO Debit card replacement?

Will I be charged for card replacement?
Card replacement is free of charge if it was blocked by BDO due to possible card data compromise.

Or you decided to block because of on issue due to copying your detailed information and you are afraid of accessing someone to your account then you may able to request for replacement or opening the new account only just once in a year.

No more requirements need, you will be advice to keep your card in you safe pocket and securities option.

How can i know if my BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card was blocked?

Will I be informed once my BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card is blocked?

Your Branch of Account will inform you if your card was blocked due to possible card data compromise via a telephone call or email. Thus, we encourage you to update your contact information with your Branch of Account. Your Branch of Account cannot contact you to inform you of your card being blocked unless we have your current contact number.

Yes, so updating your information on bank accounts are important too, so you will not be compromised in the future.

Nothing wrong if the branch has blocked your ATM but you must still notice the suspicious things you might not understand of losing funds on your account so you will be harried up to respond now and request for blocking your account and stealing will be prevented from other people.

Why did BDO block my ATM Debit/Cash Card?

Why did BDO block my BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card?

BDO blocks your ATM Debit/Cash Card when you have previously used an ATM/ POS terminal which our Fraud Analysts have identified as a point-of-compromise (POC). Immediate card blocking is done to prevent any unauthorized use of compromised card data.

Fraud is the force of something you want, but you can't ask for more because it is the limitation given by the machine and you won't blame from it, you must try to communicate and ask for help for BDO customer service for your problem.

HOW MANY TIMES should I change my ATM PIN? explained by Bechnology

How often should I change my ATM PIN?
You can change your ATM PIN as many times as you want or as the need arises. When you use your BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card abroad, change your ATM PIN once you come back to the Philippines.

The thing that you are changing sometimes, you have to fully memorize it because you are changing pin number in multiple what happen next is that you will be confused which one is the last pin change OK?

How can I keep my BDO ATM PIN secure?

How can I keep my ATM PIN secure?
  • Memorize your ATM PIN and never share it with anyone, or even your family member if someone has mistakenly written somewhere a piece of paper never do that.
  • When keying-in your six-digit ATM PIN, make sure to cover the PIN pad with your hand so as not to be seen by anyone standing close by. It is important to do this just in case.
  • Do not write down your ATM PIN on the signature panel of your BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card or save it to your mobile phone without a security code or in any way that it can be easily discovered in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Your Personal Identification Number or PIN is the key to your BDO Savings/Current account or Cash Cards. You have to ensure at all times that it is not compromised.

Preventive measures to combat card skimming?

BDO and other banks through the Megalink, Bancnet and Expressnet Inter-network Anti-Fraud Committee (AIFC) are constantly working together to prevent card fraud specifically card skimming affecting our cardholders, retailers, the financial services industry and society in general. Moreover, BDO has implemented security measures to counter any card skimming incidents. These include installation of PIN shields/cover, Fraud Device Inhibitors/Enhanced Card Bezel, security cameras, and monitoring of suspicious transactions, among others.

What is Debit/Credit Card Skimming?

Card skimming is the illegal copying of information from the magnetic stripe of an ATM Debit Card, a Cash Card or a Credit Card.
Card skimming can be perpetrated in retail merchants, restaurants, gas stations or anywhere that we use our BDO ATM Debit or Cash Card to pay for a product or service. A syndicate may recruit a staff to skim customers’ card details using a small, hand-held skimming device.
Card skimming may also be perpetrated at ATM by using a dummy card slot attached to the legitimate card slot of the machine capturing card data, and a pinhole camera that records keying-in of PIN.

What is Card Data Compromise?

Card Data Compromise is an event wherein card information may have been obtained by an unauthorized source through different schemes like card skimming.

What should I do if I lose my BDO ATM Debit or Cash Card?

Call the BDO Customer Contact Center immediately, inform them that your card is lost or has been stolen, and request for card blocking.

This is the number for contact: 

What should I do if I lose my BDO ATM Debit or Cash Card?

How to invest in BDO?

Go to the nearest BDO branch at your place, submit a photocopy of any valid I'D, then a piece a picture of yours but sometimes there are automated camera pictures attached on the computer and you may be captured after a conversation or interview when started, you will be then given a instructions and advice or even a simple brief discussion about the investment styles and particularly on gaining your goal so you must be enough good on your work so you may continue investing without passing due no to accessible amount encounters. It is important to be brave and smart.

Investing at BDO is such a big opportunity for young people like me, and now that you are still at the young age after years of hardships you may be now a rich man/woman.

The minimum initial deposit to invest at BDO

The minimum initial deposit for investment at BDO - banco de oro is: 1,000 a month if consideration was finalized by the branch management but circularly the minimum is 5,000 so you may start for better and higher benefits.

The minimum year of maturity choices is sometimes defend on the options of the investment types but mostly until 5 years to 10 years.

You may actually need to consult for on adviser before you will go through this things because there are things you must be understand first before entering the investment world.

Can i still invest at BDO while working abroad?

Ob-course you can! if you visited BDO or in the Philippines then you may visit BDO branches and apply first for the desired investment types.

But if you think you can apply abroad if only there is a branch of BDO in your country or an office that can assist you in applying it.

And I gonna tell that I have a mistake with the title I should say you apply for investment in the Philippines first before living the country so you may be able now to deposit your account in the Philippines wherever you go for work.

Not only BDO you can also invest in much different company or bank even the country where you live in.

It was made not accidentally but definitely created or priorities for many OFW's to use this investment program's so in the end of the contract on your work or in the contract in a bank you may now able to withdraw the total grand of your capital and the yield of the investment.

Strictly prohibited in LBC air cargo

The most forbidden item on air cargo is the knife, sharp and pointed steel with edges or different types of dangerous weapon or even magazines, ammo, and gun powder.

Second is drugs, of course, we can't move to it as if you are not able because every country has different laws so you may be sure to ready your self what punishments may you experience after investigations from the immigration.

Third, live living things like pets, plants, ornaments, religious statues, glass, and illegal business shipments.

And last, any kind of unsafe liquid materials or industrial chemicals.

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