How's life as a billionaire?

If I'm a billionaire I would choice to be the best man in the world to save the generations to come and share all the blessings that I have today, but right now I am still thinking how I become a billionaire.

In my study every billionaire in the world has really a huge responsibilities and a big accommodation of all entire financing property which is really hard to them, their contribution in a country is also benefited and really must active because they help the country to grow and produce jobs for the community rather than that they must be worried about how they place their richness in a one place which they can see anytime and make sure that the money is always safe and everything is moving. There entire life is just focusing in the business world and thinking every day about the competitions and how they achieve everything they wish, However, some do but even if you have everything in this world you still never get enough does fulfillment due to lack of knowledge/competition ideas and sometimes there are many circumstances that they don't need to explain. Their life is also always exposed to many medias and TV stations like interviews and press.

Just like a poor person without anything he/she has also a problem and responsibilities same as the rich person even thought you have all everything and you have nothing every one of as has a big problem has a small problem have many things to do in life, but the only difference is that the goals and destiny that we have is how we do it and how we do the things that we have today. 

Without a billionaire a country can't produce a job, without a poor man you can't hire someone to work for you, a cycle of life is really amazing. 

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