The annual income of Ilocos Norte is rising from 2010-2016

The annual income of Ilocos Norte is rising from 2010-2016
Laoag city, Ilocos Norte. Imee Marcos Governor of the province.

Gov. Imee Marcos Says that the income of the province is increasing since she was started her career in 2010.

In her state of the province address (SOPA) August 10, 2016, Marcos said that from P739 million, the Annual income of the Ilocos Norte has reached almost P1.5 Billion.

Ilocos Norte transitional economy rapidly growing at 16.7%, which is much higher than Ilocos region's 5.72% and the national government's 6.13%

Guess what is the good news, the poverty of Ilocos Norte has fallen to 8.4% which is one of the lowest in the rate in the Philippines. One reason why the province has increased income is that because of the simplified processing of issuing business permits and licenses which brought in P4.2billion in the last two years."We have now money to maintain our human development index with better-planned education and improve public health and social service" Marcos said.
Around 8,500 Ilocanos attend the SOPA held at the sentential arena.

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