Opening a business for English teaching in the philippines

There is a lot of business type in the Philippines and teaching English is one of it, so let's talk about this kind of business, other nationalities are now traveling in the Philippines to study English, So why they choice the Philippines to learn English? There are facts that Filipino's are good communicators and they are fluent in English especially in the world of call centers.

Opening a business like a school of learning English is a little bit hard and the amount of investment to use is definitely huge and the development/improvements are continuing.

In Cebu city, I have searched that there's a big school/number of school and they accepting different nationalities' across Asia and Europeans somewhere that places and one of the school owner are a Japanese, the employees/teachers are all Filipinos and they all working in English teaching.

The income is base on the yearly registered student, sometimes that year they have only 50 students and the expecting students to gain the average income is to attain 100 students for every graduation held.

What is the most useful and effective way to have more students is to advertise the websites that promote and tell about the best offers you can give to have more students so they will immediately choice your school.

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