What are the basic preparations to work abroad?

Traveling out of the country is yet a very adventurous and a lot of fun, but emotionally we have a lot of things to accept and that’s is how to make yourself be brave and be patient where we all we know you have to live without your family, because you can’t take your whole family at once, you have to live with your own self and that makes you cry when you miss them alone, I know you have decided a months ago and you have already urge with your family to work abroad and that’s really emotional, I hope they understand why you need to do this, not just to support whatever they want but brilliantly you need to support your children (if you have) for their future (Education), for good living and quality life, there are reason why and important things you must achieve but you have to sacrifice to fulfill it.

Before I was depart I prepare myself not to listen to anybody who are always making you down and a lot of words coming from their mouth are just a waste and I never listen to anyone except to the advice coming from my mother (if you have) advice from older brother and sisters, of course your wife (if you have) this piece of advice are naturally and no regrets, they know how hard is it even though they never travel alone, they know what is right better, it’s a good relationship with you and your family to have a good understanding and no better than advice than make you alone without a support at all. Living alone to love ones are simply a little bit of hardship and sacrifice, you won’t tell yourself you are Ok at all times if you are guilty showing your happiness but behind is your loneliness, What’s make you sad is that you are not strong enough to fight for your feelings or you are not trained and you must need to fully sure before you go so you won’t think you want to go back home now.

I prepare myself not to think your sadness which makes you mad at all, there’s a lot of things to make you happy like playing games with your friends and make new friends whatever nationality he/she was, you must exist yourself happy so that your family will not worry too much, enjoy yourself – have a trip and rides – have fun with entertainment, and of course make love to the people you meet as friend, “God say you love your sister and brother” It’s really good to have someone to talk too and express your feelings which make you calm and optimistic, that makes you braver and strong when someone want to hug you and heal your heavy feelings.

I prepare myself with complete objectives like I need to earn money, I need to support my family, I need to achieve my dreams, and I need to be patience and sacrifice everything. You will not die you are just going to other country and accept the contract, after 1 or 2 years you will go back home and you will be happy again. The strongest weapon that I have is a prayer and I never disappointed at all, my faith is strong and I was safe and I feel lucky when I always think that god is on my side protecting me for every step I make, and that’s the greatest preparation I have.

You can’t say you will be fine and you can have a good job in your country if you know there are better jobs waiting for you, we know your country is poor and you must know that there are no any differences from rich country, the only thing that differs is how you make your self-starter and most importantly is that you work for a big dream.

I prepare myself how to live without my parents and my siblings and I said I can make this tough, I want to save money for my future and make my future the best that I can so that when times come that I’m ready to have my own family then there will not be any difficulties as I prepare this for myself for a long time.

Working abroad is somehow one of the hardest sacrifice of someone who live and try their luck that they hope they can attain much better life and future for their family, every life on earth has a dream, every one of us have to prepare anything whatever we do and wherever we are not just for work but also how you prepare yourself for deeper experience and new world like you never see before, making yourself unprepared will make you fail. However, when someone asks you where you going, tell them that you will go to start making a dream.

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