Do I have to create hundreds of content to make a thousand views a day?

Supposedly I’m going to be straight with you, the reason why Google and other hosting sites saying that they will go to pay you as soon as you have work with them and make them rich by submitting your articles and they pay you for just a penny, just like what I do I’m making articles for my blog but I’m not working for them like Squidoo and Triond.com which are prostrating you won’t believe me when I’m going tell you that you are just making them rich because they are paid fully from different publishing host which they earn much more than you the creator, what would you do with just 25% revenue if you can make your own hosting site or own domain blog and advertise online! Right now I earn .50 cents a day which are very low, but because of my fashion I can’t discontinue this hubby, however I was started YouTube to earn better and it works than blogging, but I’m telling you that you won’t get higher rate of pay per click until you won’t reach the best traffic like a thousand views a day, so how can you get that drive off visitors a day? Do you need to have hundred of a post or a thousand of articles? Definitely no!, because base on the 5 people that I have interview last night this guy told me that he have published 870 content on his blog and he earn 8-10 dollars a day, now that the other guy has a thousand of post and he earns just .30-1 dollar a day much higher than the other guy which is crazy, so how did he do that? He said with affiliates and sponsorships you can increase your earning and by advertising your website trough the social media and sharing to the public like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a lot more maybe it works for you, but for me! I think it’s going to be unaccepted because according to Google it refers to the advertisers who gave higher rate for you when they click the banner you have set in your blog there are advertisers who pay 1 cents per click and there are advertisers that can pay 1-5 dollars per click so when someone click your ads and exactly when advertiser set a .50 dollars per click then you will get the whole .50 cents per click at the same day or until the advertiser reach the maximum click he wants to get. Google can help you to reach your goal by making your blog looks professional, of course, you will need to pay Google per month to have the best domain and secondly you will need a good hosting site to help you spread your blog and to be able to know  or recognize you day by day.

"You won’t get thousand views or million of views if you won’t spend money on making it into the top, yeah! It’s just like a gambling or a game when you are lucky then it’s great but if not you better quite sometimes."

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