OFW Advantages and Benifits

The advantage of being on OFW is that when times comes end that there will no be another opportunity again it would be easy now for you to be accepted anywhere in the world what you desire to go and you have the experience and knowledge. The main reason why you should be honored is that there are no other people who even sacrificed their lives just to support their family and it would be a great thing that you have done for yourself and to the people you love most.

1. You have money of course - Growing your money is not a big deal, many of us/OFW are in-family and it would be slightly hard for them to earn such a million, they keep saying the word: "earnings is not important until my kids bring home their diploma's" yeah! that's a huge goal actually.
2. The Philippines economy can increase each side factors - People may wonder why? it's because the amount of money comes from the remittance is totally a question, you will realize does expenses are used to buy all the things you need, every time your father send money from abroad you are purchasing Philippines products and the economy increases by each people who are going out the Philippines and giving high-quality life for their family.
3. Opportunities are easy to get - Then it would not be so hard for you to find the job again because you must already know where are the agencies from. There are also still don't know what to do but, the experience you have is in your hand, make sure to keep your previous contract copy's when applying for the job in another country. but if you are planning to apply for another job, it will make you busy again.
4. You could earn us much as you can especially for retirement and investments if you do - I'm talking about SSS, Pag-big, and other options of investments, The reason why is that it will be enough for the big expectation on a bigger investment bigger returns, your retirement contribution is fully sufficient, and you will expect for the completions before pensions,

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