How safe to be come on OFW

There is no other description for us/OFW to directly say we are safe every day but, in God, we trust everything with her because he is the only one who control everything and we pray for better days and better tomorrow for our family in the Philippines. We are not afraid of sacrificing our life because we need to support our family and relatives, now that we are suffering from government corruptions and our jobs in the Philippines has different conditions and low salary for every person that is not enough for everyday expenses in a Filipino life, now that philippine products are continuously increasing.

We don't have other choices where and what to do to produce money, I didn't finish my college course, however, you have finished your college career or not we/I still don't trust and we don't believe that we have fully granted by the government to directly employed with support because of government corruptions and the system of the Philippines is totally week.

There are some of us OFW who are safe enough and lucky enough to have full protection and the quality of their life from their employers are really amazing, we always wish and searching especially DH workers who are always thinking of this good people/employees/boss because just like in Saudi Arabia they suffer from molesting, hate speeches, wrong treat, starving, pain from heavy hands of employers, and there a lot more, we do not expect and we are not blaming everyone from this country but according to some news and people that I know, I witness this not just in Saudi Arabia but also in other Asian country's like Malaysia, Hongkong, and China.

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