The most shamed election in the wolrd May 6, 2016

The most shamed election in the world May 6, 2016
One of the most shame and crucial thing on earth that ever happened in the philippine politics, oh! Actually this is not the first time to have a bigger issue, so let's start with Miriam defensor Santiago and Fidel ramos1995 presidential election, that day, it really obvious that defensor have won already looking from the start of voting until the voting tine end Fidel Ramos have passed by the opponent quickly, so what would you expect on that thing? The same as what happen to Bong-bong Marcos and Leni lugaw Robredo.

One word that I can describe is cheating on votes so desperately, I don't exactly know how they do the terrible things, god knows who's right and karma is always ready to fight back, I use to be good and silent but, now I can show and bring what is in my mind is right, I have learned a lot of things about politics and business, this is just the funniest thing that's why I created this post to deliver that the right of everyone to know the correct issue, not the pay per news on tv which are all lies.

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