How To Request Check On Google Adsense

First, go to your Hosted account Google Adsense then find click the setting from the three icons right side. Then click the PAYMENTS

After click the PAYMENTS go to PAYMENT SETTING for choosing the desired transactions

The picture shows adding a new payment method because I have already made my own payment method months ago and if you are the first time to set on it, you just need to follow the following clicks that you're entering. So click the ADD An NEW PAYMENT METHOD or ADD A PAYMENT METHOD

Now from payment method, you are now about to see the three list for your option how can you get your money from google Adsense. So click again the CHECK for check request, this is a bank issue and you need to make sure that you have on active bank account so you will not go to be interrupted or slow down because you will still need to create a bank account before you can en-cash the check given by google Adsense.

After clicking the SAVE button at new payment method make sure that the delivery and the address that you have updated on your account information is the home address where you actually stay, and complete address is important also, after this click the save and good luck!

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