How Enlarges the Philippines their economic development? (GDP)

One of the fastest in Asia by GDP. So how they grow their GDP?
1. OFW
2. Consumers population
3. Demand
4. Export
5. Products that are produced during the end of the year

OFW because they have the highest contribution to the economic crisis and economic flow, why? for on example: On OFW have remitted cash and the family have received it, one thing you must know from the start, of course, there will be a remittance fee and deduction, just from that point the economic is now starting to grow (Banking Business) Imagine how many OFW's doing the same thing?

Consumers population these people are important to the economic growth, without them, you won't run your business if you are the owner of the super mall, store, or grocery. The population of the area where your business is would be the big question. No place on earth that a business can run easily and fast as you think without the consumers.

The demand for the products, there are people always waiting for on orders ONLINE/Business, DIRECT SELLING, Subscription, and a lot more.

Exporting quality products all over the world, from vegetable, fruits, materials, electronics, garments etc. We are  one of the most workaholic people and we gave the best service us exporting to another country is really a huge deal to the Philippines economic growth.

Our Products are one of the best among the rest (China)

In addition about OFW Kapag ang ofw ay nag padala sa pilipinas at natangap ito ng kanyang pamilya hibig sabihin noon ay dadami ang mga bibiling tao sa mercado ngayo't dumadami rin ang ofw na nag aabroad every year nadadagdagan, so hindi lang doon, kapag nag bakasyun ang isang ofw gagastos din yan, so kailangan talaga ng maraming prodocto, kasi jan din yumayaman ang pilipinas eh. at ang bakasyunista ay naisipang mag business din.

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