Advantages of Technology

Here are some of the best things what we need to know.

1. Technology has given us to evolve and transform things into the high and more advanced life, we do bring at all together, we create technology using our imaginations and amazing talents.

2. We have been used machines many years to calculate everything and great inventions.

3. We developed and discover the world for future next generation and to make life easier and faster

4. If technology doesn't exist that time, I don't really think if we can still do our works and hard jobs faster so we are able to maintain good time and great timing.

5. Advantage of technology is really generated and it is continues to explore more things, the exploration is still in process we haven't not yet take the edge nor we are just starting to innovate everything.

6. I believe that technology is not a risk because we have invented it and we produce it, I can't say this are just waste of money, but it really useful especially in our nature and world observation technology ( Satellites ).

7. I think by creating robots with there own thinking ability is more dangerous, because we don't know if someday they will think better of us human.

8. As of now, I'm so excited that someday soon technology will be more fun and productive.

9. Technology has a lot of potentials to create jobs and businesses around the world.

10. Every country has a lot of problems regarding road traffics, transformations, schools, industrial, construction and much more.

I realize that, God is with us because I think he is also a mathematician, he created the world, the universe rather, he created us people and produce things we are not expecting at all, you don't notice that every time we pray there are an answer and that timing is just created and exactly what you need.

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