The only 9 Filipino medalist in Olympics

1. Mansueto Velasco - Silver medalist
2. Roel Velasco - Bronze medalist
3. Leopoldo Serantes - Bronze medalist
4. Anthony Villanueva - Silver medalist
5. Miguel White - Bronze medalist
6. Simeon Toribio - Bronze medalist
7. Jose Villanueva - Bronze medalist
8. Teofilo Yldefonzo - Bronze medalist
9. Teofilo Yldefonzo - Bronze medalist

It's really sad to know and see what is happening to the system of the Philippines, I don't know if the problem would be a corruption again or just keeping the basket hot and just filling the bread until full.
I have always expected the real game and the Filipino spirit will rise again just like before, we have already got some silvers and bronze but we haven't not yet attained the best medal which is the gold to make the country's proud for the first time in history and finally we have. But unfortunately, we can't predict the future whoever else knows the fact if the reality is just a dream now?

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