The most surprising thing about BDO and BPI in remittance

Did you know that BDO has the fastest money transfer bank to bank operation at only 15 minutes or less at the time after sending your money? All kind of bank in the Philippines BDO has the fastest and easiest way for banking financial works.

I experience how bad has the BPI do the operations in the international transfer and it's really bad slow comparing to BDO, But not just BPI just the same us the other bank in the Philippines like PNB, Metrobank, and so on. This is not a promotion for BDO or giving wrong information and taking down the other banks but I want to know everybody who is always seeking for faster banking operation.

So if you are going to send money in the Philippines use BDO as on account branch beneficiary, I 'am telling you they have the fastest and easiest money transfer from abroad.

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