The best month for OFW vacation

December first week up to February last week or you can have the best vacation when you have given 3 months' vacation starting in December and departure on Feb. last week.

So why it is the best?

Just because obviously December is Christmas and after Christmas, New year than February for hearts month right?

Actually, I experience this vacation, I got my vacation December 2 departure going back to The Philippines, and my vacation ends on February 16 just after hearts days Feb. 14

I can say that my vacation is the best because I don't expect that thing, what really running into my mind is to see and hug my family and occasion's given free for me!

However, Money got low, my earnings getting empty after the vacation and I need to go back for another work construct again.

What on experience for Christmas that we always dream as we are far away from our family, however, every country have the same occasion as the Philippines but the feelings and enjoyment with your family from friends is a big different.

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