Is it possible to transfer your money from a bank to another bank?

Remittance is the only way to transfer your money from a bank, but I'm not saying that your bank account in the country where you are staying is not working at the best position.

I would mean that using a bank A and you want to transfer your money from bank A to bank B is not possible.

The only way now if you are staying in your country is to withdraw the money and deposit in the other banks, but why are you doing this? never mind it's not in my business, but that's the answer to the question, it's not my own idea but I also ask them this by communicating them before, Becuase I also search this point as you do.
banking made not so easy for this thing, and why is it hard to make this for them? it's because they don't let you do that as you are under to them, it's embarrassing and not a good idea as their service is making you good then you transfer your money to another bank is just like you throw them in the trash and use the new bank account.

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