The advantages of internet in the society

There are almost thousand of reasons to say and I think the internet is the greatest thing ever invented in our life.

1. Internet was used to communicate with another person, by the group, for business, private, for the company and everything that deals with communication because there's a lot of apps that we can use today as the economy on the inside internet is growing fast and counting. like: E-mail, Gmail, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger and much more.

2. The internet is used to make money especially in advertising, there's a lot of people who have benefited and revenue is just flowing in their hands continuously, just like Mark Zuckerburg the founder of Facebook.com. You can earn money using the internet by developing websites and hosting, uploading videos or selling, making ads for your direct selling business, online shopping, blogging, making articles like this and you can even invent your own business.

3. Internet service has been recognizing anywhere so it's really easy to approach someone that are in need or for on example of emergency which is really needed. communicating with a mobile phone to a computer and even communicating a mobile to a robot and many such high-tech devices that run on the internet.

4. Entertainment inside the internet is really popular especially Yotube.com which is the most viewed entertainment in the world, you can upload or download videos anything you want, entertainment that just easy to access the internet. a very simple way to hang on whenever you are, or even you are alone.

5. The Internet that is not only for business or communication but also for education and school practice, internet service in schools is really useful for research and visual module.

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