Why do we need to invest in a bank?

It's because we need to save for the future right? not only that but the main reason why is that you want or a bank wants you to run the service and let your money helps you to grow your wealth, now is that sounds good? of course yes! it's not hard to do so if you have enough money to use it and invest for the best result.

Banks will need a time and yearly working so that your money will be suited to many businesses around the country, this is the cycle formula:

Investor >>> Bank >>>>>>>>Businesses >>>>>>>>>> Bank >>>>>>>>>>>>Investor
   100%            99%                  99% to 135%                      125%                              120%
                                               They earn 10%               They earn 5%              Your profit is 20%

Continue investing until 10 years  that 120% times 10 years equals ?

So that's the cycle, it will not run so far, the bank will provide everything between you and the business of other people, they can also help other people too, like if someone have a credit card and he just paid the credit every month and the every % of the money will be then added to your own yield. Not all the rates the bank just added a small amount of yours because you are not just one who is investing. However, as what they say, the more money you put in the bank the more potential of high rates and the longer the time where your money is deposited and you added sometimes the more yield or benefits you can get.

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