PIDOS - Reminders and warning for new applicants overseas

I want to thank your program patronage of our stories and life experiences. Live bro! We are considered heroes of our time because we are helping our country especially during this recession is that the global crisis.

But what if we also require the assistance of our country? Probably a lot of questions in my mind why not bring progress to the city. Why not treat the hero sitting in government? Many of them have lost their jobs, not only the workers as well as those who are working in our country.

But why is this only happening? Harder life! Before that leave those who work abroad, tormented yet our government. Can I remove the PIDOS? Si Kabayan, before departing, they lay down from dept, it was PIDOS who need to understand. It is paid by the POEA means:

In reality!

This I found out that massive bill that lays our countrymen reaching 10-15 thousand pesos. Eligible Does it pay? Where it goes? This is just one of the problems of some of our fellow OFWs.

Secondly, it’s really hard to work away from our loved ones. So hard that most, is clinging to the knife. Others have become attached to, this applies to the problem - whether male or female, married or single. Please excuse the brunt.

John de la Cruz. But what about those who left was delirious. Actually, I told my consequently only I was, I learned a lot.

But few will say that is wonderful because they know their purpose in their lives. And they sacrifice for the sake of their family, they will succeed because their goal so nice to be proud of.

Third, the Filipino is full of talent and willfully also proud because the Philippines are the exporter of quality workers, maps, professional and otherwise. Other Filipinos really nice, but what if we are experiencing outrage of another race?

Others are resistant because of their strong myth and determination to succeed. Others are helpless and poor they suffer a lot of problems because of job loss. Although the government reported many times, who favor them? Off-course, it’s the race because they are alien to us abroad.

Many Filipino inmates are innocent. Undue of pains at the hands of police every Friday, served to whip. Others accused only, straight to jail.

Some just want to share with you. My only request would be met attention to the situation and meet such a solution. Long live the Filipino!

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Do not ever pay big attention to does who seized you to pay anything that is not really required for your flights and needs going abroad: for on example the OFW club and BDO debit card opening on account or other payments which are not really necessary, it's just a business of their own.

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