How many months to wait for the best earning on my blog with google Adsense?

actually, it may take some years?
The same us like I'm doing right now, I' am trying so hard to drive visitors to take a look at my blogs/websites. However, I don't understand the nature and what is really happening here. At first, I don't know why people skipping on coming ahead. Just a couple a day, I knew that there are many factors we should consider and expect now a blog said in order to promote and deliver the message in the net where you can play with ads or advertising in the network groups like Facebook, and Google Adwords. You can have views just a hundred, anyway without ads, but if you are expecting for a huge click then it's better you to promote on the network or search engines host, but I'm not using this, because I believe with blogger.com they freely give free search list on the hosting site (google) and with the support of the new Google plus community.
The only things that I'm wondering is that, how and when will we reach the best rates or earning from your post? is it a year? I don't really know because, as of now my 98% Adsense earnings are coming from my Youtube channel today. I don;t want to delete or put this blog in waste because I already have 500 posts in counting so it's very hard to abandon, I use a lot of time for this blog that's why I'm still writing a post.
When I start earning from this blog, I got some 00.45$ then after a week .20$ then a month .10 and sometimes .01$ it's really disappointing. but still hoping for the best earning so far.

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