How can I keep my BDO ATM PIN secure?

How can I keep my ATM PIN secure?
  • Memorize your ATM PIN and never share it with anyone, or even your family member if someone has mistakenly written somewhere a piece of paper never do that.
  • When keying-in your six-digit ATM PIN, make sure to cover the PIN pad with your hand so as not to be seen by anyone standing close by. It is important to do this just in case.
  • Do not write down your ATM PIN on the signature panel of your BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card or save it to your mobile phone without a security code or in any way that it can be easily discovered in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Your Personal Identification Number or PIN is the key to your BDO Savings/Current account or Cash Cards. You have to ensure at all times that it is not compromised.

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