Can i still invest at BDO while working abroad?

Ob-course you can! if you visited BDO or in the Philippines then you may visit BDO branches and apply first for the desired investment types.

But if you think you can apply abroad if only there is a branch of BDO in your country or an office that can assist you in applying it.

And I gonna tell that I have a mistake with the title I should say you apply for investment in the Philippines first before living the country so you may be able now to deposit your account in the Philippines wherever you go for work.

Not only BDO you can also invest in much different company or bank even the country where you live in.

It was made not accidentally but definitely created or priorities for many OFW's to use this investment program's so in the end of the contract on your work or in the contract in a bank you may now able to withdraw the total grand of your capital and the yield of the investment.

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