Changing BDO card numbers on my current account

BDO Debit Card

Yes, you can! just like my previous BDO account, February last week I have been trough some difficulties to find the solution for the hack or stolen information on my card online and I said I think I need to change some details on my card so to make it able to block or give on error codes to the hackers, to do so, just present the card and talk to the customer service teller and inform them about what happen exactly so they can advise you what would you do.

Actually, if someone started at your card in actual they can't steal money unless the card has been taking away from you, you should remember that connections from the pin numbers on ATM machine, security codes at the back of the card 3 numbers, the card name holder and the card number 16 digits or sometimes 18, are very important not to show off to anyone, however, either your boss will ask for it.

However, you will be then replaced with a new account or they will go to change the number on the card, but you can still be required to give all the information you have to fill in the forms "again".

In a short word, they can steal money from your account when you fully give the information's online, but they can't steal in actual until the card and your pin code is in safe hand.


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