$240 billion dollars own and certified to marcos family in the philippines

KAYAMANAN Ni PRES. MARCOS Panuorin po natin kung gaano kayaman ang mga Marcos at mapapatunayan po na hindi ito nakaw sa taong bayan. Bagkus sila pa ang ninanakawan ng mga dilawan.Watch And Share!
Posted by Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos on Saturday, January 3, 2015

There is a thousand metric tons of gold reserve that are own by only one which is Ferdinand Marcos, the half of it is stored at the banko central ng Pilipinas underground and the another half of it is in American, there is also a video that I watched and they interviewed Imelda Marcos and she show to the journalist the amount of money from him with $890 billion dollars deposited in Belgium, and there's a lot more, how can you imagine that? it was stored clearly with certificates and documented so how they say this are ill-gotten wealth? if the money he owns is higher than the income of the Philippines? or GDP that time when Marcos was in position?

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