What is the best way to be promoted on your company?

There are many ways and strategies you could use and start by completion and making great satisfaction grade that you can show to everybody in your company office or work sections, especially with your boss.

Beginning from the ground and climbed-up up to the max, use your intelligent and speaking ability with sense of personality, showing that you are the best worker office mate in the company and you must plan how to do and how to make it better, promotion is not so easy to get from your boss until he/she don’t see anything is growing or any development from you, the service and actions you make, the way you work the best and making as simple ways better than the top.

So, making sure that the job and your responsibilities is in your heart and fashion, loving your job and determination on the go, in some company there are approvals that you need to attain to do and that is to work with a lot of experience, mastering the company's objective, vision, and goals not only by words but also in a great respond.

However, we know you have already the education, any one of us have education backgrounds and you don't have to ask many times you graduated with the highest rank, meanwhile, that's not the main key to promotion or job application approvals, education is only use when the applicant where and what job is applicable to his achievement in school.

Direct to the point:
You can still submit a promotional letter, or talking to the boss with offering him/her a coffee. After that, he/she must approve your promotional request or not you still need to be humble and wait for the time he calls.


Salary increase (double) for public teachers in the philippines

Public school teachers to receive double the total annual pay of their private counterparts under SSL 2015.

In the private sector, Teacher I to III is paid only P13,135 before but now the government pays 

1. Teacher 1 position the government pays Ph. 19,218 or 146% of the market. 
2. Teacher II positions, the government pays Ph. 20,660 or 157% of the market. 
3. Teacher III positions, the government pays Ph. 22,209 or 169% of the market.

For the proposed SSL 2015, the total guaranteed compensation of:

1. Teacher, I will be P329,556, from the current 280,137
2. Teacher II: 360,132 from the current 298,220; 
3. Teacher III: 392,248 from the current 317,668. 

This annual guaranteed compensation does not include the PBB, which is contingent on performance and equivalent to 1.25 months salary for Salary Grades 11 to 24 (Teacher I-III is SG 11-13). That is an additional 1.25 months pay for Teacher I to III positions. 

But let's see what is other teachers says on Facebook:

1. Please don't mislead the public by trying to sensationalize the proposed wage hike for public school teachers. When was the last wage hike for government employees? Last, 2008 if I'm not mistaken. And that was given in four tranches. The wage hike was not even enough to buy our families one sack of rice. But we had accepted that. After the fourth tranche was given, there was no salary increase for us. SEVEN years that we got stuck in our salary grade. And now another proposed salary hike will be given to us. But again, it will be given in four tranches. The increase will not be enough. Teachers will remain steadfast in our dedication to our commitment to teaching. But do not insult our intellect and demean us in public by making a false statement by using numbers like 146%... Those are just mere percentages but what does it mean to us? What kind of impact does it make to our lives that can alleviate our condition? Be responsible before you write up news like this. Your readers are not ignorant. from: Nina Adao Metran

2. Salary Increase??? Teacher 1, 18,549 (present) - 20,754 (PROPOSED, HOPE TO BE REVISED BEFORE IT WOULD BE APPROVED) - 11.89% increase for teacher 1 (kaasi met)
Master Teacher 2, 31,351 (present) - 45,269 (fair lang po ito) - 44.39% increase for master teacher 2 (ganito din sana kalaki ang percentage increase sa mga nasa lower salary grades)


How to handle with double job?

Entering the two jobs is not easy, if it will give you all the time you need to perform the double job, you will need physical strength and enough food to make sure you will not sick or faint.

You must have a full time (1- day) divided into two, it's either the job-1 is half day morning and the job-2 is afternoon 5 hours 5-5, total 10 hours, or sometimes 8 hours per day 4-4.

Another one time is 6-8 hours in the morning and afternoon, then 6-8 hours at night and early morning, Depending on the time you want or the management will provide it for you.

Handling with double job is really amazing and spectacular things you do every day, you will have to maximize everything and minimize does other time for others like self-happiness, friend trips, or even girlfriend or best friend bonding, But don't limit the time for your parents or family as they give you emotional energy and confidence, just focus on exact time of every little, you must understand that everything will be changed differently on the normal time off work.

 With the double job, you will gain more extra income or salary, but decisions make you more on how will you manage it for yourself, for anything will happen for you or supposedly it's understood for accepting of jobs for hardship and determination is in your heart.

Good luck for your desired jobs chosen as you may start the day with full of energy must.

The most corrupt in the Philippine history

According to reuters.com and gmanetworks.com Former president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the most corrupt Philippine leader in the history, Base on a poll by pulse Asia inc. by 42 percent of the 1,200 respondents.

The other names in list of the running up most corrupt president in the history are:
2. Benigno Aquino (Noynoy) and Corazon Aquino - 85%
4. Fidel Ramos - 78%
5. Joseph Ehersito Estrada - 65%

Marcos is the least with 00.05%, I can say that this is true because former president Ferdinand E. Marcos and Family have been won many times on court in the United States, 700 and plus have been filed by Aquino family (Corazon Aquino) but no one's been proven and the media blinded/brainwashed the Philippine viewers on television and they tell that Marcos is the most corrupt (ABS-CBN) is the responsible for this liars accusations.

How can you tell me that Marcos is corrupt without your evidence? However, you must know and notice that the roadway you are traveling, the hospitals and schools that you are using today is just one of the great achievements of Marcos regime.

The truth is, Aquino administration starting from Corazon Aquino until this day Benigno Aquino, you can tell me what is happening to the Philippines right now, ABS-CBN is also on Aquino secret owned or company partner, we can't say the end of anything without things you won't prove what is the truth.

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