Top country with largest exporter of labor in the world


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Drug trafficking and abusive world - Airport to Jail

So how is that happen again and again? some of them are real innocents and some of them really badly know it's illegal and forbidden to the country's law, however, I have made some discussion below:

1. There is no such any other parts to line up and smuggle things you have already know it's forbidden by law authorities and you are so brave enough to do that, so what's is running inside your brain before you do that, i really want to interview does people inside the jail and know  there deep reason why one by one.

2. I believe, for successful delivery of this drugs to the buyers is spectacularly amazing, there is a lot of security and now especially we are in new future technology, 00.001% rates all over the world a chance for you to smuggle but not at all time.

3. Australia. Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Europe country and USA - Canada are totally secured when it comes to new technology in determining drug traffickers and confiscate illegal items. The airport is full of police actually.

4. The definition of true people is those I could say the best people and most disciplined country "JAPAN"

5. Most of the crimes and criminal incidents, like human fall accidents, car crash, and other brutal crimes are caused by using drugs and addictions.

Top 10 worst senate in the Philippine history

I would consider Sen. Enrile (Juan Ponce Enrile) as top number one traitor and the worst senate for almost a decades, Enrile is a batch mate on government office of Ferdinand Marcos who is the president from 1960-1980.

Senator Enrile is a back fighter? I think yes if I were a judge, he is the biggest problem in the senate, I never saw or I never use of so-called laws authored and passed by sen. Enrile, although he is old enough now and nearly comes to retirement, there are facts and true story's you won't believe if someone told you he is playing on his tablet with games while another senate is busy in the debate.

Number two for Benigno Aquino, because he becomes 6th biggest spender in the senate, other say he don't have any law passed with only 9 bills authored, hailed by Filipinos because of lineage.

I don't think Lito Lapid is good and well inside the senate office when comparing to his Career before as a good actor in the movies. Especially Bong Revilla who are also a part of the Philippine senate government and won by popularity. If you remember a few months ago Bong Revilla was jailed because of the issue from Pork barrel scam (Napoles is the mastermind)

Ralph Recto is the one who are responsible for HIGHER VAT or tax that become the biggest problem in the business world and Filipino people in a  small part of their life as on entrepreneur. A wife of on actress Vilma Santos who are also in the government public service.

Nancy Binay? there are other parts, or other lines she would be included as a worst senate in the government, namely: Different bad opinions and comments online, saying that nancy is not good enough, He is the destroyer? speaking mouse? and what so ever!

Jingoy and Erap Estrada are father and son who are with the same dreams, Erap Estrada becomes senate then president of the republic of the Philippines for one term only he was exile because of Illegal lottery's issue or illegal gambling which is one of the most forbidden for a president not to do. Jingoy Estrada becomes a senator but other bad issues from her have never been existing and news on the television.

Administration senatorial candidate Teresa Aquino Oreta formally apologized to the nation for dancing during the aborted impeachment trial of President Joseph Estrada on January 17, 2001, in her new campaign ad that popped up Friday on primetime TV, GMA’s Saksi reported early Saturday. - See more at http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/35540/news/nation/tessie-oreta-sorry-for-dancing-queen-episode#sthash.wj61zJ4S.dpuf
This is right, actually, she is not the worsted senate, but morally and disciplinary action must do and provide at least to any senate part of the Philippines with good behaviors.


Top 22 most popular currency in the world (2015)

It ruled first with US Dollar,  second is euro and third, are pound. 
But why is it popular and the value of the money become more expensive and sometimes with down rates?

One read from a source of website claimed defends on the increase and demand of supply. So it also means developing a competition between different countries by economic growth.

We have notice that Saudi riyal is on the button but how that happens while the Philippines is more valuable? you must know that the Philippines has one of the highest numbers of overseas worker employees working in Saudi Arabia for higher money rates. However, not just with that but the Philippines economic growth is also rapidly inclined and faster because of billions of remittance all over the world, secondly is the export transfer of goods and supply, third, there is also another country that they most value the Philippine peso like INDIA, INDONESIA, VIETNAM and other continents.

US dollar is mostly used all over the world, also with using specifications in words online and international transactions.

Did you know that the only country who holds more value than a dollar is in Asia?
Bahrain Dinar and Kuwaiti Dinar is actively the most valuable currency in the world, however, its not so popular but they did it all over the years. Kuwait is top number 19 richest country in the world 2013 and now Number 5 with 71,600.96 (GDP) Year 2015 International dollars - Exchange rate, see that how's that fast?

Kuwait and Bahrain
And why is it higher rate has than the USA?
Just because USA is importing different oils coming from the middle east including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, 
Did you know that QATAR is the richest country in the world?
How did they do that?
It's because there (GDP) is higher than your country Gross domestic products per capital. The analysis also used a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) basis, which takes into account the living cost and inflation rates, in order to compare living standards between the different nations. 

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