Fiba Asia 2015 Final Ranking (Complete)

Saudi Arabia Time: 05:30 PM 03/10/15

Saudi Arabia Time: 04:00 PM 03/10/15

Saudi Arabia Time: 03:00 PM 03/10/15

Saudi Arabia Time: 07:00 AM 03/10/15

This are the playing schedule for the date: 03/10/15

This is the bracket for the hole final showdown today 03/10/15

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How to speed up your work with accuracy?

1. So how speed and accuracy join together? The speed and accuracy in work are very hard to study and to do in simple, it's not easy as you think, but you do it by doing double time and accurate, so let's begin with speed - Speed, if you are a first timer and you are still in moving in and looking the way to round it would be harder to you to have the speed at work so that the manager will classify you at first so you don't need to be worry about it, does who are in the field of working so many years I think anybody of them can do the difference now so they might train the beginners and do the job with speeding abilities, so here how do they do it, focus on your job, love your job as you love yourself feeding with food, with focusing on your job you will never get mistake because your concentration is for the work only, unless there are important matters to you to stop, loving your job is really related to speed because the passion and love is mixing, it's like a fusion that without the passion there is no perfect speed on your job, there is no great cooperation on the other workers, listening to your boss and other higher positioned men are also helpful to you, there is no such thing to be underestimate men who are also good on the job. You must train and train yourself until you get the perfect speed satisfaction.

Cutting Hair Around the Ear with Speed & Accuracy
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World largest seahorse caught

LOOK: Fisherman accidentally nets largest seahorse ever caught, gently lets it go #NewsBeatNature
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to avoid from addicted games?

Addicted games
 Addicted games have no limitations, you can play it all the day you want, there is no such thing it can help you to avoid from it, But one of the best things I know doesn't ever try to play a games online/on mobile never ever do that, the addiction of games on computer or anywhere is like a cigarette once you started it there will no more chance of leaving it or forgetting it.

Here's are my reason why:
1. The happiness you found while winning games? is really amazing for you?.
2. You are happy because you show your ability to other people that you are good on gaming it?
3. There's a lot of factors that it can give to you on your own thought?
4. You feel smart? and you know you're not quitting time?
5. You feel and you think you will be idolized with fellow players?

So how could I strength my avoidance?
Here's are my list
1. Don't ever try the games if you want a peace of mind
2. Don't be friendly so much with people who you know is playing online games, they might invite you to it.
3. There are no such things to discuss that playing games are good for you health and life rules.
3. If you see your kids/cousin/siblings playing online/on mobile, get that fucking phone away from them, don't ever teach them how to download on applications.
4. It's simple disciplined, If you know how to disciplined yourself, I think you are in a good/excellent parents.
5. Avoidance factor is in your self, so it started with you. No other people to blame for it.

US states with Hourly wage working ( Ranked )

So kaya pala maraming nag poponta ng state of Hawaii, its a great opportunity for OFW and people there in Hawaii who were working and have been there for some points of years, A huge hourly wage like this is totally interesting and so much incredible but it's real, no more things to be explained you never think to do a plan for it. Meanwhile, does Filipinos who have especial Career for a while is really satisfied with thinking their wealth is really valued more than other OFW's destinations. 

Nevertheless, I'm thinking now how can I cross the country to take myself in Hawaii, But this time we should not doubt about where we are, payouts is not the real competitions but the goodness how easy is your work all about, just for on advice it's not the fact that you don't do your best but just pray to God, and wishing you good luck for best salary range and good job opportunities.

For Americans, your country is really amazing and very lucky, I'm so sad that the Philippines has the worst president for some years of suffering "No Job" in the Philippines. However, hopefully so much interesting to know this year we will having a new election of a presidency and we can breathe all together again just because our present president term is almost finished now and hope for the best vote for our new president Bongbong Marcos soon.


Nutritional value of Big Mac per 1 sandwich (Mac Donald)

The Big Mac is a hamburger sold by McDonald's, an international fast food restaurant chain. It was introduced in the metropolitan area of Pittsburgh, United States, in 1967 and nationwide in 1968. It is one of the company's signature products.

Energy 550 Kcal (2,300 kg) Carbohydrates 46 g (15%) Sugars 9 g Dietary fiber 3g (13%) Fat 29 g (47%) so that really makes you fat with 29 grams of the fatty? Saturated 10 g (52%) Trans 1 g Protein 25 g Vitamins? yes with Vitamin A 230 IU and Vitamin C 1 mg only, Minerals are: calcium 270 mg (27%), Iron 4.5 mg (35%) Sodium 970 mg (65%) so here we have also explored other constituents namely: Salt equivalent 2.425 mg, Energy from fat 260 Kcal (1,100 kg) yup cholesterol have been testing but just a small with 75 mg (25%)

What are the bad things about eating hamburgers?
1. You are eating such huge cholesterol 
2. It's not good for the substitute in dinner or lunch that's just for the snack or fast time eating only.
3. It's not good for children while they were grown because it contains low nutrients and it's not enough for  daily living energy to produce.

What are Good things about eating Hamburgers?
1. You will feel full at that time for eating great taste Delicious meal.
2. Quick cooking and fast food no time to spend a lot to wait for food.
3. Just a small dollar not too much price.

So what do you think?

What are the advantage of fast internet in a country?

1. Huge couples of investors to be driven and potentials of the investment plan.
2. For the fastest growth of the economy at least at a time.
3. Job employments will be increased and unemployed will be decreased at least little by little.
4. Maybe we can use it for fast searching on dates or guys/girls online?
5. The world is fast enough to make sure the accuracy and making communication easier.
6. Not so difficult to make something and very useful for our needs. for on example: school projects, searching materials, reading tools, e-books and etc.
7. Works did effortlessly softer than your hand.
8. The fast internet makes you faster at works so you may have more time left to other things.
9. A modern and technological innovation that needs to be implement and sustain the knowledge for better future and world competitive solutions.

Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids?

Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids
Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Saturday, September 26, 2015

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