SSS disability benifits

Ano ang Disability Benefit?
Ang Disability Benefit ay ibinabayad sa isang miyembro na nawalan ng kakayahang magtrabaho o ang kanyang kakayahang kumita ay nabawasan dahil sa isang kapansanan na sanhi ng karamdaman o pagkapinsala.

What is Disability Benefit?

The Disability Benefit is paid to a member who has lost his ability to work or profitability is reduced because of a disability caused by illness or injury.

Original Samsung Vs Made in China comparisons

This pictures shows the fake products and original, Made in china are made of cheap materials, so the point here is that why we should avoid from buying fake is that anytime there are risk from it because, for on example it will cause a fire on short circuits, fake materials may lead to risk and  very dangerous. The original owner-inventor will be lost their original trademarks and nobody will buy the original.

Philippines Zim card Raffle promo are SCAM!

So what can you say about this text? this are real SCAMS no other options to think about it that you should believe, only does who never thought and never know this idea, but I think almost all of them are aware now. 

So next time again, you should implement and teach others too about this kind of bad habits, this SCAMS should be arrested and go to jail.

Kids in Hong kong are forbidden outside without guardians?

I think yes, my friends who took place in Hong Kong and Singapore said not even that but also the rules are followed orderly, very intellectual. Throwing bubble gums and spit on the public place are seriously not allowed in public.


How much the amount of maternity benefits in SSS?

Magkano ang halaga ng benepisyo sa panganganak?

Ang benepisyo sa panganganak ay katumbas ng 100% ng average daily salary credit ng babaeng miyembro para sa 60 araw kung normal delivery/miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy without operation/ hydatid- form mole (H-mole) o 78 na araw kung caesarean section delivery / ectopic pregnancy with the operation.

The maternity benefits are equal to 100% of the average daily salary credit of female members for 60 days for normal delivery / miscarriage / ectopic pregnancy without operation / hydatid- form mole (H-mole) or 78 days if caesarean section delivery / ectopic pregnancy with an operation.

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