Philippines passport expiration new policy

As the picture shows the main page of Philippine Passport reply to our message on their timeline and you are asking for Philippines passport validity and the answer is "5 years"

If you have other questions regarding DFA and Philippines passport please don't hesitate to ask any of it by commenting this post thank you.

The latest news unconfirmed that our new president Rodrigo Duterte will impose a new policy passport to let the holders make them longer on using their passport to make it 10 years.


What is the normal blog views per day?

Blogging is one of my best hubby every day, I spend 6-7 hours on blogging and editing short films for making a post 3-7 articles per day.

I' got my attention on this question that's why now that I'm a blogger I will make the chance for you to know what is the answer to your question.

The normal or the media blog views per day is around 200-500 visitors, in other ways for you to understand clearly I have separated 3 levels that describe where is your blog intended to be in the classification analysis point.
1. HQ (high quality) - Hosting sites
2. HQM (high-quality media) - Websites
3. MQ (median quality) - Blogs

So if your using blogger like: Blogspot.com - Wordpress.com  and others don't expect for thousands or even millions of views every day, this are blogs that are compatible with simple information's digest and impossible to be reach the highest ranking comparisons, the world website ranking is double the number of the population of a country and you can't overtake the old one or the first blogs and websites that have been created, unless your company is providing your way to be faster enough and have good writers and publisher you offered them to work with you.

The highest views that I have ever recorded is 10,000 views per day, but I spend a lot of money for making that happened to come true, I use facebook.com, yahoo advertising, and google AdWords. I expect the boost and final actions definitely I was a little shocked with it, nevertheless just the moment if I can only get better views then totally I'm happy for it.


SSS contribution in saudi arabia

Sa totoo lang kulang pa kaalaman ko tungkol sa sss contribution, pero gusto ko sanang mag bigay ng ilang information tungkol sa topic na ito dahil maraming mga OFW ang nag rerequest na i search ko ito sa office nila, pero sanay masagot ang hinahanap ninyo sa tanong kahit papaano at hindi masayang ang pag visita ninyu.

Kong nasa Riyadh ka, malapit lang ang mga center office ng SSS puwede mo ding hanapin ang mga sagot sa sss.gov.ph or mag ponta sa main page nila sa https://www.facebook.com/SSSPh 


LBC Plus for special promos and deals

LBC mates! Go much further your padama with LBC Plus! Register to nearest LBC branch to avail of our special promos and deals with our merchant partners:
RIYADH: Store 14-16, Abi Al Alabaas corner Murshid Streets (Batha), Al Amal District, Riyadh (Near Pinoy Supermarket)
JEDDAH: Store 175, Jeddah International Market, Madinah Road, Jeddah (near Sarawak Supermarket)
KHOBAR: King Faisal bin Abdulaziz St., Cross, Al Khobar (Near Ramaniyah Complex)
You may also call our toll-free hotlines and 800-8-500058 800-8-110332 for STC and Mobily and for other networks.

Mga ka-LBC! Mas malayo ang mararating ng iyong mga padama with LBC Plus! Register sa nearest LBC Branch to avail of our special promos and deals with our merchant partners:
RIYADH: Store 14-16, Abi Alabaas corner Al Murshdi Streets (Batha), Al Amal District, Riyadh (Near Pinoy Supermarket)
JEDDAH: Store 175, Jeddah International Market, Madinah Road, Jeddah (near Sarawat Supermarket)

KHOBAR: King Faisal bin Abdulaziz St., Cross A, Al Khobar (Near Ramaniyah Complex)
You may also call our toll-free hotlines at 800-8-110332 for STC and 800-8-500058 for Mobily and other networks.

Scam job advertisements on JobStreet.com

Be careful of scam job advertisements. They appear occasionally on job sites, posted by dishonest people out to make quick money from unsuspecting job seekers. While JobStreet.com always tries to ensure that the job advertisements are for real job opportunities, such scam advertisements do sometimes get posted. When we see such scams that violate our Advertisement Policy, we quickly remove them.

Be careful of job emails that;
1. Ask you to pay money before processing your application or training you;
2. Invite you to interviews that turn out to be multi-level marketing or pyramid selling schemes;
3. Misuse your resume information to sell you products (such as insurance, etc.) or make offers not
    connected to the job advertised;
4. Are generally untrue, dubious or misleading (e.g. misleading job title, job description or
    company description); or
5. Use web-based public email addresses instead of company-owned email addresses.

On overseas applications, make sure that the agency you are dealing with is licensed by POEA and is in good standing. To check if agency is licensed, click on the link below:
POEA Status of Recruitment Agencies

In addition to the above, we also want you to know that JobStreet.com does not send emails that require you to download and/or install any software, tool or utility. Lastly, do not give your JobStreet membership username and password to anyone, even if the request appears to come from an email with a JobStreet.com address. We do not ask passwords from our members.

You can play a part to inform us if you come across possible scams. If you see any such email or advertisement on JobStreet.com, please alert us at info-ph@jobstreet.com giving us the Company Name and Position Title, and we shall investigate.

While we will try to take appropriate action whenever possible, JobStreet.com cannot be liable for any action by scammers or employers that violate our terms of use.

The 9 Best Things About Being Filipino-American

The 9 Best Things About Being Filipino-American

The 9 Best Things About Being Filipino-American
Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Friday, September 5, 2014


What is new at Blogsvertise?

What's New at Blogsvertise?

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There are 2 kinds of membership on Alibaba.com

There are 2 kinds of membership on Alibaba.com:

• Free membership: Buyers use to source from Alibaba.com suppliers; new members use to grow comfortable with the Alibaba.com trade platform

 Gold Supplier: For legally registered companies that are serious about selling to foreign buyers

While you may find success selling as a free member on Alibaba.com, companies often do not reach their full potential without Gold Supplier. These are the common problems free member suppliers experience:

1. Poor Exposure

Under same condition, as a free member, your company and products are listed beneath Gold Supplier members, making it hard for buyers to find you.

2. Trust Problem

Due to the large number of scammers on the internet, buyers have less confidence trading with you if you are not a VERIFIED Gold Supplier. Otherwise, buyers cannot be sure you are a real company.
3. Limited Buyer Access
As a free member, you may be blocked by many buyers, especially on Trade Manager. Gold Suppliers can access Buying Leads 7 days before free members.

Get the RIGHT membership and get real orders. 

Pay-out days reduce from 30 to 15 days (Linkbucks.com)

Due to the success of the locker system, we are going to be reducing the net 30 payout to only 15 days! That's right, just two weeks and you will get paid for your content locker links. But wait, it gets better. We have increased the earnings rate by a huge 10%

Since launching, we have fixed bugs and made changes to improve the overall user experience. One of the complaints we have been receiving is that some locker links do not unlock after completing a survey. Keep in mind that not all offers will successful unlock if the requirements are not met. Here are some helpful tips to know when using locker links.


  • Downloads: Make sure to accept any optional toolbars or third party applications during the installation to unlock the page. Just downloading an application is not enough to get an unlock.
  • Surveys: Some surveys require more than one to be completed to unlock the page. Be sure to read the survey requirements on the offer page.
  • Trials: Make sure to fill out the trial with accurate information to unlock the page. Filling them out with bogus info will not result in an unlock.
It may be helpful to post some of these tips on the page where you are promoting your locker. You are allowed to offer incentives to get your users to complete locker links.

If you have not gone full steam with content lockers, we highly recommend you do. Since we launched the locker links two months ago, we have paid out over $10,000!

Don't forget to drop by the forums to provide feedback and address any of your questions. The forums feature up to date guides and advice on how to get the most out of Linkbucks as a user and advertiser, whether you're a noob or expert. It is an amazing resource for people like you who want to make money on the Internet.


How to protect and secure your luggage bag inside the plane

A true story was written by Mr. Virendra Shah

I Sharing this story from a passenger who rode an airline going to HK. This can happen on any airline going to any destination. These are very hard times for a lot of people!!!

"I would like to draw your attention to an attempted robbery on a flight into Hong Kong last week. With an hour to go, during the flight, I thought I noticed my bag being replaced in the overhead locker. I wasn't sure and decided it was probably a fellow passenger, moving it to access their own bag.

I dismissed any thought of any wrongdoing, but upon arrival in HK, something told me to retrieve the bag, just to make sure nothing suspicious had occurred. When I opened the overhead locker (not above me) and saw my leather bag was the only one occupying the space I knew there was a problem. I examined the content, only to find all of my wife's jewellery, along with some cash had been stolen, during the flight.

I raised the alarm and my wife and I quickly blocked both aisles to stop anyone at the back of the plane disembarking....there were around 120 passengers....

My wife and I both shouted for assistance from the stewards and stewardesses. Eventually, a steward told me that security had been called but passengers were becoming very agitated and unwilling to show patience or understanding....they just wanted to get off the plane....my wife and I were the only people controlling the passengers.

I pleaded with the passengers to check their own bags at which point three fellow travellers reported they had also been robbed. It was only at this point, did I see any evidence from the cabin crew that they were willing to provide any meaningful support.

I vaguely remember seeing a passenger wearing black, sporting a white baseball cap and pleaded with the rest of the passengers to see if they could remember anyone fitting my description.
It turned out to be a passenger standing in front of me, who once identified proceeded to offload money, jewelry, camera equipment and false documents, running into tens of thousand, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods.

By this time security had boarded the plane, the Captain had been informed and was standing in the rear section watching the events unfold.

Eventually, a policeman boarded the plane and I was able to explain the events leading up to my apprehending the thief. I have since been informed this criminal activity is reaching epidemic proportions and the authorities caught three thieves, just last week, (with 30 already on remand since early December) on flights into HK, with all the criminals coming from the same town in China.

It is estimated that only 5% are being caught judging by the reports of passengers contacting the police after they have arrived at their destination.

They sit in the back row of the plane observing where bags are behind or away from the passengers and systematically pull them from the overhead lockers, while passengers rest or watch movies, take them to the back of the plane and steal any valuable contents.

They prey on foreign airlines as the penalties are so lenient, the payoff makes it worth the risk.

I naively have never thought of robbers operating on planes, but now I have experienced it first hand, there are a few takeaways:

1. Hand luggage should ALWAYS be locked.
2. Do not assume luggage under your seat is safe....last week one passenger had her purse stolen by the guy sitting next to her while she slept !!
3. If in doubt, wear or keep any valuables ON YOU at all times !!
4. Don't assume, like me, that everyone on a flight is a law-abiding citizen.
5. Do not assume business class travel is secure....robbers can be wealthy.

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