103 clicks without estimated earning? (adsense)

How to know my real earnings on my blogger? With example of 1000 clicks

anyway Google Adsense estimated earnings are sometimes unhid and sometimes they are not really automatically appear when it's just a second of clicks from a customer or a visitors time to time who clicked on add in your blog/website, it’s simple Google Adsense doesn't show this for the reason that they are not responsible for any substance idea because you are not only the person who are using this application. However, I believe that Adsense doesn't do things like bad behaviors for you, meanwhile, shares of stock have been already created but they are just adjusting the previous into new of your current reports which is really difficult to explain one by one all of us like me.

It’s hard actually, to earn such additional improvement day by day you expect for tens of or even hundreds of dollar on your account, even though, let me tell you that according to some video assistance from YouTube that I have learned some things simply, when we say traffic it’s the visitors coming every day and you must need to maintain exactly what Google wants you to do is to drive more visitors so Google will never hesitate you to give more on giving a share of money depends on the advertisers percentage he/she set the value for publishers.

If you don't understand, Google Adsense meanwhile can't reveal everything that's happening exactly because if they show up all for no reason they will be hard up to explain the deepest when they change things like reports newly develop works.

Why my youtube earnings does not appear on my adsense earnings?

YouTube earnings will be added to your AdSense payments page before the 15th of the month and included in your payment if your total earnings exceed the payment threshold. Estimated earnings will not be updated to include your YouTube earnings.

This is required and its was stated on the rules and regulation for YouTube earners and AdSense users, the development and comparisons of both two ways of how you earn money is not the same in on institutional calculations which become difficult for a users to find and make it together with any combinations and click activities on the ads you are promoting. YouTube and Blogger has different department for your earnings request at sustainable evidence, furthermore you need be patient and harder work so in advance you will not just commit the aim or goal you are looking at but also you will notice that from being hard to get enough things faster then now it's easy for right away because you already passed all the trials and hardest part of being a blogger and a YouTube partnership.


Causes and treatment | Flatulence or stomach air burp

Sa Tagalog utot
Sa English flatulence

1. Swallowing of any foods and drinking soda too much of volume intake
2. Food expired, or any foods that you have cooked a long time ago or just yesterday but you don't furnish some preservatives and you might think it's still safe to eat but it's not.
3. Do not laugh so hard, air pump from your stomach could cause any space bubbles from your intestines, you will not notice that.
4. Avoid gulp while talking, while there is no reason to be like that at any time unless you are eating any foods or even bubble gum.
5. Medicine effects are also the causes of flatulence but that's normal anyway.
6. Taking or drinking a lot of water, beverages with high content of carbon dioxide, soup, ice cream, and a lot more
7. There is a theory from other people that when you are attacked by cold air and this cold air travel inside your body and you will not see that, and then a few minutes you will feel a pain because of the cold air that free will, at any matters you do. otherwise, you don't know where is that pain come from, however, just try to drink hot water then you will release the cold air.
8. Don't talk while eating.

1. It's simple, use vapor rub or the Veex, I call it vix because it contains like menthol-related like eucalyptus it's spicy hot a little too, that helps relieve the pain and remove the air inside your stomach. there is also a kind of medicine that used for baby but I think you can also use because it's just the same as like menthol ingredients.
2. boil a water and take some hot drinks to paste the effect of cold air into a hot body with hot water drinks.
3. Walk for a few minutes then just maintain not to lay on the bed or sit down on the chair for some minutes to wait for a burp.


Typhoon emergency call numbers in laoag city

Eto na po yung mga dapat ninyong tawagan, in case po na malala na po ang situation ninyo sa inyong barangay and please po be careful and take care your self any where you are. God bless po sa ating lahat.


Part Time Job Anywhere!

Are you looking for jobs part time?

Here are my suggestions
If you are willing and joy to work online here they are:

Triond.com - is a website that giving you opportunity to write and tell something about the world into articles that are fantastic and popular, every time visitors come on your writings you get paid by each impression you make for your articles, my estimate is 10 views is equal to 1 centavos, so you could earn more than that if you better gain thousands of views

Blogger or YouTube - Yes why not, blogger is one of the best way to earn extra income because we have all the Google AdSense to have ads to display in our blogs and pages, if you have Google AdSense already then you can apply to YouTube partner to monetize your earning or ads to be displayed on your videos, every time visitors come you will get paid on your account. Definitely, Google could defeat any website - they are always the best for me.

If you like to work directly with the community you better find posters that are hiring, ask your friends about your problem and maybe they can help you too, or you can also find jobs in the environment like recycling things you never care it then you can convert it into money by selling? You can also sell something is popular on the beach or in the populated areas. Plant vegetables and fruits, ask your daddy and mommy for part time jobs, and ask your uncle and auntie if they have their own idea right?

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