How to bring back your ceased mobile phone?

There are many people in the world who are ignorant 35% are illiterate with cellphones and electronic devices, but that's not the topic I'm going to discuss, however, education is the answer of all ignorance.

So, what are you going to do when your cellphone get stuck or halt (a motion that you cannot use your cellphone because it's not moving at all)

How to diagnose?
Try to switch it off or turn it off (shutdown your device) then switch it on, if it works then better, but if doesn't work then remove the Battery, Sim card, and the Memory card then after a few second try to bring it back all then switch it ON.

What is the reason why?
The problems why your device getting stop and un-move or sometimes they call it (hang) are:
1. Memory full, too many files, music or videos stored on your phone memory or on your memory card
2. Your device needs to check it with some technician to locate and observe what's really happening.
3. You are so very fast when touching it (smartphones), very past on typing on a keypad of phones.
4. Sometimes there are viruses, malware, spy, worms, and other electronic sicknesses, which you tried to connect to another device with Bluetooth or on a computer with a lot of viruses and your cell phone was infected.
5. You have a lot of messages in your inbox that you never erase before at the beginning of time where you start using your device?

Choosing and buying devices/gadgets that are made in china are not really perfect, however, you need to try to buy our own made country products so you won't tell to yourself that you buy such thing a (loser) and it is sure you can use with the best product from your country.

Post on facebook that could be forbidden for kids

This picture is on example of very sensitive photo of on actress from Hollywood, so what is wrong with this photo is the breast of this woman, how do you think and how do you sure that kids won't see this on facebook or won't get stuck and imagine something then one time in effect is just a little distance where all people minds changes especially children who believe sex is just for fun?

This photo is very frightening with kids who don't know what is this photo behind at all, for me this activity is a love where maybe both of them parents are disallow them to be met together and won't like them to be married or else, that's why they decided a moment that they think that's the answer to their problem, but for me it's not!. because killing yourself is a sin to GOD. Please, kids, don't do this at home what matters is be.

These Couples are drunk and I think behind the story is just a simple understanding.
MANILA, Philippines - So you've seen some of our exhibitionist videos, but this time watch this drunk couple make out in...
Posted by Pinoy Secret Files on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Please don't do this in public, very disgusting and embarrassing.
MANILA, Philippines - On a video uploaded by a concerned citizen, it is seen that a man is jacking himself off in a...
Posted by Pinoy Secret Files on Monday, June 15, 2015

So, what's is wrong with this video? kids are among people who are simply starting from developing and they are still in a small world instead.
After the issue of Jam passing away, rumors had been spreading that Mich, fiancee of Jam Sebastian, is dating Neo...
Posted by Pinoy Secret Files on Saturday, April 4, 2015


The problem of uploading photos with high original resolution on facebook

Do you notice that all uploaded photos with high or low resolution on size have a bad effect of retrieving it into original size file? If you are looking on it each photo you uploaded there is no any reason to doubt about it or a reason to complain about, and one of the big mistakes from other facebook users are: they use facebook as a bank of a photo, collections of important and original that turn into small size. The difference from original files and the downloaded files with the same picture at the same owner are looks the same at matter, but the shadow on each side, the file uploader and the fact that you need to take it back for an example: When you want to print it into the shop of photo studio And at any place where you can edit it simply from some events like making tarpaulin and many other important reasons. Otherwise, I will still suggest you to backup all files into any storage location like on your laptop or if you have a hard drive portable device so you will just upload it and don't erase the original. Keep this information as a real play for any sustainable contents; you don't know pictures are important too.

Memories are coming at any day, at any time and at any moments in our life but once you accidentally lose your account on facebook you won't believe you don't learn any from me with this post. I learned from my mistakes but there is still a way or capability to set back it into a big size, however, just like what I say to my friend you won't bring back the perfect photo with just a resizing edit platform. Yes! You can edit the downloadable photo from facebook if you have a laptop just go to accessories and find PAINTING the painting application, a fix application at any kind of laptop brands, you can edit it with resizing into bigger number of resolution but the size is still at lower capability just because it's still a copying way.

The reason why Facebook is reducing the size of each user photo is that they can't hold it all in just a small capacity with a billion of users and a million of duplication, did you know that facebook.com or the company owner of storage area or the servers building of facebook is getting bigger and bigger? Every day they purchase or create thousands of servers in boxes shapes and compact it into a lining up build in a big storage building with own maintenance and engineers? Whose everyday inspect and maintain the storage machines in clear and good conditions. The location called: "The facebook Prineville Data Center" 300,000 square feet, 120 acre-site,


2018 FIFA World Cup qualification tiebreakers | Update and rankings | Round match | Asian

On Group A, Palestine and Saudi arabia take forward to the top 

Group B, Jordan and Kyrgyzstan lead the way to third round/second round, all country who got 2 wins have 3 points each.

Hong Kong and China in Group. Otherwise, hong kong and china is just the same with good players and strong fighters, with the same blood and the same goal, they are the same at all with the same eyes. Oh! Qatar could climbed too, unless this chinese federation will be gone on there way to FIFA.

Oh! on Group D, i think guam is just like Hong kong and China federation, and USA to Guam, right? So they are still strong with american powers, unfortunately India have lost 2 games but how come is that because one of their player has the most goal in asia qualification today? Sunil Chhetri have 4 goals total.

Group E, Oh! Singapore! there you go, recently singapore hosted 28th SEA GAMES 2015, and again singapore is leading a way to FIFA world cup 2018

Oh Group F, Thailand is just breaking the ball, recently they are rank 1 in the 28th sea games this year and now they are also rolling inside the basket for FIFA world cup 2018. Good luck thailand!. Indonesia have been disqualified because of some sensitive government issues there.

Group G, South korea and lebanon lead the 1st and 2nd position. However lebanon have 1 lost.

Group H, oh! my god Philippines have won 2 times with bahrain and Yemen because bahrain and yemen are strong nation when it comes to playing football, what a lucky experience is that? Go Philippines M.M. STAR is supporting you. M.M. STAR sponsor.


How to unblock friends on facebook?

Unblocking your friends are means going back to friendships again? Anyway, here's how to unblock your friend on facebook it's so easy and fast.

As the arrow indicated the small arrow down at the right side in your news feeds on facebook, click that small arrow down.

Then you will see the list where you can find the Setting juts above the logout .

And then after clicking the setting you will be directly pointing to the other page which is the main page for information setting for your account but we will not go to discuss that right now, now Blocking link is on the left side with on icon circled red dot and horizontal line, click that word blocking.

As you see there Wacky Mendoza was blocked before, I do block him just because we have things or arguments that we can't state right now as this is very sensitive things, every one of us has the reason why we do block friends but revealing each time has been at the right moment. Now I am unblocking him right now because he is already alone, I mean he lives a country where do we meet.

Click the unblock.

A prompt message will appear like this
Click that word confirm

After clicking the confirmed word the blocking list will be cleared and tell that "you haven't added anyone to your block list"

Thanks every one hope you understand the tutorial today and hope for your suggestions and question or any comments there, please.


July/23/2015 | Exchange Rate

US dollar

Saudi Riyal

Jun/16/2015 | This time | 28th Sea Games | Medal tally | Rankings

Final results medal tally
June 16, 2015
Singapore time 06:00 PM 

This time 10:15 PM, Singapore air time . Monday, June/15/2015

This time 12:55 PM, Saudi Arabia time. Monday, June/15/2015

This time 05:01 PM, Saudi Arabia time. Sunday, June/14/2015

This time 11:13 AM Saudi Arabia time. Sunday, June/14/2015

This time 7:50 AM Saudi Arabia time. Saturday, June/13/2015

This time 5:40 PM Saudi Arabia time. Friday, June/12/2015

This time 2:30 PM Saudi Arabia time. Thursday, June/11/2015

This time 1:00 PM Saudi Arabia time. Thursday, June/11/2015

This time 9:00 AM Saudi Arabia time. Thursday, June/11/2015

This time 7:10 AM Saudi Arabia time. Thursday, June/11/2015

This time 4:50 PM Saudi Arabia time. Wednesday, June 10/2015
The Philippines have to go back to number 6 and Indonesia climbed to number 5. Singapore bags 60 golds at this time total now.

This time 4:00 PM Saudi Arabia time. Wednesday, June 10/2015

Indonesia - the Philippines is competing for 5th place 

Today 3:30 pm Saudi time
Date: 10/06/15


Please come back tomorrow for next update.

Vietnam has climbed and the Philippines as well, congratulation to both competitors, but that's not the end, we will continue supervising what's next, and who will be crowned the champion.

As of now, i have a prediction that Philippines and Thailand will be the strong competitors at the end, Singapore will be in first place and Thailand at second place and the Philippines will be at the 3rd place.

Watch Live the opening ceremony
Streamed live on Jun 5, 2015
5 June, 8 pm Opening Ceremony of the 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015.

After 22 years, the SEA Games is back in Singapore at a brand new National Stadium, with a parade of the best Southeast Asian athletes, the lighting of the cauldron and special performances. 

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