The smallest Pay Per Click ads ever!

I'm not happy with this result...and I don't understand why and how it works like that, I thought if the ads from my blog and website have clicked once I will be paid 00.05 cents - 00.25 cents something like that. But in fact, I was so disappointed with 7 click and equal to 1 cent? are you serious?

Please help guys how this works because I really appreciate your help by commenting us below. thanks.


How to Embed video on facebook?

Here is the video on the page of the owner

First, did you see the small arrow down? click it

Then you will see a word Embed video

After that, this icon will appear and you need to copy the HTML source code

Now if you copied already go to Blogger and create new post then click the HTML

Paste it after you click the HTML

After you paste in the post editing this codes will appear, do not change or erase anything on the code. 

Then finally Publish it!!

How to unblock your friend on facebook

First Go to your profile and click the arrow down above beside the small icons lock, globe, Chat and the friend request. Then click the setting as it shows on the picture.

And now you're on the other page you will see the red dot with the horizontal white line at the center saying the word Blocking so click that word.

After clicking the blocking you will manage the blocking now,  here is the list where are the old times you block does people on facebook appear's and look the person you want to unblock now.

So I'm going to unblock Yobymmij lagnaraci. just don't afraid to click the link (word) UNBLOCK after the name stated.

Now you are asking here for your confirmation. And click CONFIRM

At this picture, Yobymmij lagnaraci are now gone on the list and you successfully unblock him/her.


Best Website to Earn Money with Your Videos

Earn money with your videos by uploading at YouTube, love your videos and edit them with different features.

Creating videos is the first step to go forward and letting you know that video from your own spot and creations is the most things to remember in mind, you may able to shoot footage, happy family videos, group videos adventures of your own, funny stuff and other creative and unique videos from the past if you have.
The YouTube have made for people who are surfing and want to have view videos from different country collections and for more advertisers are there to get advantages of you and that advertisers from Google partners they have the plan to get you drive for a cost where you can earn money by uploading your videos to help other company from coming views which lead them to the first when their ads visit.
first at all you have to apply at Google Adsense so you can turn back to YouTube and get partnerships with it within 2 days to review you so you could monetize your videos with ads and start earning now, when you get thousands of views it's better but when you get fewer views so you could plan to advertise your videos to make able to earn much more than you expect.
In the law school of YouTube you are not able and not good at all to copy the video of other people from other device or even on the Internet because it is not required and very dangerous, YouTube will massage you and they will go to give you strikes that will lead you to low standing with your account so avoid that thing. you can earn money depends on the views you will get every day, my estimate is 1-5 cents per 1000 views or up to 90 cents when they click the ads or viewed the ads video completely before your own video.
People are searching videos at YouTube so create the best title for your videos and descriptions which describe the relation to the video that you have uploaded to YouTube, add music if you want.
Remember also don't add music or picture that are down by other people you have to create your own that is why other people have suspended from YouTube. Please follow the YouTube policies and rules so you could stay good in standing.

How to Download Pictures on Instagram?

Download pictures on Instagram, it's easy to do with just a minutes.

Instagram is not allowing people to download any pictures because they are protecting the owner privacy not to share and give the picture to other people not just like Google image, this reason why some many people questioning how to download pictures on Instagram, usually they are using copy paste form but they don't even do that in a single time because what like I said a while, the platform is under protection of the Instagram property by each individual. 
Now I will go to discuss, sorry but we can't foot here a video presentation so you may able to watch me how to download it so here we go:

1. Open the Instagram, however don't worry about signing up because you will not be required to log in just to see does pictures but you only have to do is you must know the URL page landing of the owner of the pictures you want to access and see to it, example ishttp://Instagram.com/ghamdiwoods, hardwoods will be the username of the owner.

2. If you are now at the page with the landing URL I give or they give to you, now you can see some post of photos below scroll down and a lot of pictures are there.

3. Click one picture, and then a window comes out like facebook full view and then, right clicks on the mouse in the center of the photo, click the view page source.

4. Now on another window page comes out, scroll down and you need to see the HTML code with on ending word of jpg. This is the example: http://photos-a.ak.Instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xaf1/10852782_673357902783048_1242550942_n.jpg

5. Highlights all, then click right at the mouse then you will see the GO TO then the landing page of the photo.


Mr. Cysip tells about marcos and the best opinion ever

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