The Richest Barangay in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte philippines

Brgy. #30 CADARATAN Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. Philippines

One of the sources of income and the job at barangay cadaratan is the gasoline station owned by Mr. Mss. Galiza, however, they live in pasngal bacarra Ilocos Norte just beside barangay cadaratan near the farm.

In addition, they are not just giving good services for motorist but also they grow their own business with other crops and products like Onions and garlic which is exported to some provinces.

At the same place in the same building just second floor of the said establishment where it was reported that Mr. Galiza has a private school of german language but I don't know if this kind of their business still exists.



Years ago cadaratan national high school was established mid 70's former name (bacarra comprehensive national high school - annex) but it has become CNHS when some declaration of separation because of the growing population of the town and its near barangay. CNHS is a top performing school in Ilocos Norte. 


3. OFW (overseas Filipino worker) ABROAD

OFWs remittance is one of the sources of income of barangay cadaratan to sustain every family needs for the development of everyone home and future competencies. 

Every month on estimated of  $15,000 received in cadaratan, equivalent to philippine peso - 667,500 pesos. 8,010,000 pesos annually.

For your information, CADARATAN was awarded years ago mid 70's as the fastest number of growing OFW abroad. however, in addition, the total remittance of-of in cadaratan are not all involved in my estimate because generally, they are living in abroad or I mean other all family members are living now in Hawaii with every 5-8 year's before they went for a vacation.

Almost all family from cadaratan has one family member who works in another country, the top destination was in:
1. USA
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Norway
and other European countries



1. Our lady of Fatima church, just beside the CNHS and the 7 other church.
2. The Rivera rice mill, near border of pasuquin and bacarra
3. The cadaratan elementary school
4. Bulosan rice mill
5. Ice cream factory (but abandoned now)
6. 2 Bakeries and merchandise
7. 10 Sari-Sari stores


The fastest bank in the Philippines for OFW remittance

Iba ang BDO sa marami pang ibang banko sa pinas, i trust all the time and it's really good to use with for my remittance na walang alinlangan sa pagpapadala.

Isa sa mga nagustohan ko sa BDO ay ang mabilis na action, i discover na within 5-8 hours ay tangap na nila ang aking padala at ang aking savings sa aking sariling kabayan savings account also.

So ano ba ginamit ko para mag padala?
Una siempre kailangan may bank account ka (savings account), ganun din ang family mo may sarili din silang bank account which is free na ngayon ang pag bubukas ng account sa BDO, you will just need to apply and submit the requirements tulad ng valid ID, 1x1 ID picture, at 100 pesos to deposit.
After that meron kanang ATM at passbook.

Ano ang mga information na kailangan para makapag padala sa pilipinas?
Napaka siple lang ho ang pagpapadala using BDO account
1. Ang pangalan ng padadalhan na dapat parehas na sacto sa nasa passbook ng may ari.
2. Account number, nasa passbook din po iyon nakalagay.

Dalawang information lang ang kaiulanagan para makapagpadala at walanang pong tawag tawag na kailanagan o chatting para ibigay ang reference number at makuha ang padala.

An BDO automatiko mag hihintay lang po kayo ng 5-8 oras para umabot po at ma process agad at matatangap na comparing to BPI, Metrobank, PNB, Landbank, RCBC at marami pang iba aabot papo nang minsan isang araw, nagtataka ako nong sinubukan ko ang ibang bank and i was waiting for the the attention but i decided to ask the teller from from the bank and he said that you they will receive the money tomorrow, it was 8AM when i send and i go back to the bank 5pm.


How to make charcoal for business?

First, start harvesting and cutting big tree's wood into a small piece like that in the picture and then arrange it according to the size in the digged land until it compressed.

After that, foot the rice hull or rice husk above to cover all over down and top until you won't see any wood on top (cover with rice husk)

Light a fire so that rice husk will burn the wood smoothly little by little to make it a coal but not a hash that is the use of the husk into a wood. 

After 1-2 days of waiting you will harvest coal into a cut off chunks but sometimes they are bigger coal formed themselves.

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