The Gold certification evidence receipt of Ferdinand marcos

The receipt is on original copy


The new E-Passport of the philippines

Sa mga kababayan po natin na nalito sa balita na kailangan nang palitan daw ang mga pasaporte, isa pong paglilinaw: ang ibig sabihin ng advisory nuong December 2013 (sa iba't ibang media) ay wala nang "extensions" para sa dalawang klase ng pasaporte, ang green at maroon na passport. 

EXTENSION lamang po ang pinag-uusapan; ang pakay ay mawala na ang mga lumang uri ng passport upang ang lahat ay maging ePassport na.

Paano kung green o maroon passport pa rin ang hawak mo? Kung green, palitan na habang maaga. Kung maroon, maglaan ng anim na buwang palugit BAGO expiration date. Kapag nag-renew kayo, ePassport na ang makukuha ninyo.

KUNG E-PASSPORT NA ANG HAWAK NINYO, hindi kailangang mag-renew kaagad. Hintayin lamang po ang natural expiration date nito. Limang taon ang validity ng passport; maglaan ng palugit na anim na buwan BAGO expiration date.

Ngunit paano malalaman kung ePassport na nga ba ang hawak mo? Kung nag-renew kayo pagkatapos ng June 2010, at kapag dark maroon ito. Para sigurado, sundan ang pangatlong passport sa picture ng post na ito; may logo sa baba ng katagang "PASAPORTE".

Paki-share na lang po at napakaraming nagtatanong sa advisory na iyon. Sa ilang nagbabanggit ng "bagong gastusin na naman yan," wala pong bagong gastusin liban sa usual na renewal, dahil tuwing limang taon naman talaga ang renewal ng passport.

Sa ilang lihis ang comment, at sa ilang pumupuna nito: ito po ay dala lamang ng katamarang magbasa nang maayos. Sadyang mababaw at mabilis ang attention span ng mga tao sa social media. Salamat po sa mga tumutulong sa kanila upang sila ay maka-unawa, at mabuhay po tayong lahat.

Let the people who are distracted by the news that needs to be replaced as the passport, take one clarification: the mean advisory During December 2013 (in various media) have no "extensions" for the two types of passports the green and maroon passport.

EXTENSION alone are in question; The aim is to lose the old type of passport to the ePassport to all be.

What if green or maroon passport still holding you? If green, replace early. If maroon, take six months BEFORE expiration date extended. When you renew, you will get the ePassport.

E-PASSPORT IF THAT HOLD YOU, do not need to renew immediately. Please wait for the natural expiration date. Five years the validity of the passport; Take the extended six months BEFORE expiration date.

But how to know if that is the ePassport holding you? If you renew after June 2010, and when it dark maroon. For sure, follow the third passport picture of this post; with a logo on the bottom of the term "PASSPORT".

Please share just too much and asks that advisory. In some citing the "new spending again that," I have no new expenses except the usual renewal because every five years is actually the renewal of passports.

Their alignment comment and some criticize it, this is a carrying only katamarang read properly. Intentional shallow and quick attention span of people on social media. Thanks for helping them so that they are able to perceive, and we should all live.


What are the prohibited items on sea and air cargo (domestic or International)

We want you to follow and do this so that in the future you will send your cargo nothing will going to happen, it's easy and you are safe at all times, your cargo will be delivered without any problem as easy as that, but you must understand that why they implement this is that they want anybody to have good relationships you and LBC. They keep moving and making fast, you have to wait until it's done LBC Hari ng padala, I trust this freight and I have sent many times which is amazing.

I don't have any problem with them when I call for pick up they come in early and on time.


Why Adwords does not let you use old e-mail again?

Why does Adwords not let you use old e-mail again?
Actually I have been some problem with the same as your problem too, at the first time when you were logging in and sign up to AdWords and you didn't continue because maybe you don't have any payment methods considering the facts and use or AdWords disapprove the account you make for some specific reason, now you just live it away for so long time ago from now and you never come back again.

Now months ago you decided to come back and reopen it, but you will notice that all have been changed now. Adwords is requesting you for other e-mail because the old e-mail you make before was declined, not required to use it again. Otherwise, you need to follow the instruction and new policy.

Adwords is not cheap as other web hosting site, they are juts securing all and in finest protection with you.

This is the example:


Track and trace LBC cargo (with your tracking number on your receipt)

Use the Track and Trace function www.lbcexpress.com to find out where your package. The easy right?

Using this track and trace system from LBC you will see your box status where is it now, so you will worry no more unless some problems occurred the tracking system will indicate a cross that was stopped in that area where sometimes LBC delivery cars can't reach out the places especially in some mountain areas/provinces.

But when the system continues until the signal with thumbs up appears and then it will show successfully delivered to your house.
For example:

I think they have communication and good tracking system, they deliver with their own service and it's really safe to send cargo with LBC Philippines.

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