WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU COMMIT two strikes on YouTube?

Absolutely, Your earnings on YouTube will really effect so much and this is my list below why you're earning getting down low.

1. Some of your videos were blacklisted and not Eligible for monetizing, otherwise, it was blocked worldwide and you may feel that really bad so you may decide to delete it.
2. Strikes may lead you to some difficulties and disappointment, when someone sees and they claim the right that they own the video you posted they will going to Take down notes from you and that's why you receive a strike one.
3. You are unable to upload or approved easily because you are under Content ID disqualifications, and that's the penalty, however, you can actually upload it but you must choice it privately or public without monetizing your video until you don't complain or just wait until 6 months of suspension.
4. The most and worst thing you've never experienced would be the termination of account on YouTube, only if you got Three consecutive strikes.

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