The most corrupt in the Philippine history

According to reuters.com and gmanetworks.com Former president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the most corrupt Philippine leader in the history, Base on a poll by pulse Asia inc. by 42 percent of the 1,200 respondents.

The other names in list of the running up most corrupt president in the history are:
2. Benigno Aquino (Noynoy) and Corazon Aquino - 85%
4. Fidel Ramos - 78%
5. Joseph Ehersito Estrada - 65%

Marcos is the least with 00.05%, I can say that this is true because former president Ferdinand E. Marcos and Family have been won many times on court in the United States, 700 and plus have been filed by Aquino family (Corazon Aquino) but no one's been proven and the media blinded/brainwashed the Philippine viewers on television and they tell that Marcos is the most corrupt (ABS-CBN) is the responsible for this liars accusations.

How can you tell me that Marcos is corrupt without your evidence? However, you must know and notice that the roadway you are traveling, the hospitals and schools that you are using today is just one of the great achievements of Marcos regime.

The truth is, Aquino administration starting from Corazon Aquino until this day Benigno Aquino, you can tell me what is happening to the Philippines right now, ABS-CBN is also on Aquino secret owned or company partner, we can't say the end of anything without things you won't prove what is the truth.

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