Top most difficult job in the world base on securitys

Let’s start with Police; there are different types of police officers and fighting squads namely:

In the USA;
1. Local police
2. State police or highway patrol
3. Special jurisdiction police
4. Deputy Sheriffs

In other countries, there are several types also, but we're going to discuss today is the risk and difficulty of the job in a real world.

A police officer has the hardest security protection not for their self but for the people around them, a police officer is ready to fight, die, giving integrity, honor, and making actions from different situations and crimes that may lead them into unpredictable things that might happen anytime.

Another hero one is the firefighters, they might be protected because they have water or they have the ability to reduce the fire but we can't say there are all in safe situations, there is a guy and many more hero's around the world saving lives by sacrificing their selves just to rescue the person inside the building while fire is growing and drought of doing something miracle is really amazing.

The hardest job ever is a navy, marines and on the army, they have different responsibilities but knowing the fact that they have the same goals, and that is to protect your country from terrorist attack and world war. They are giving and bringing a lot of sacrifices, maintaining the security missions, away from their family seeing each other almost no chances, but only does are lucky.

So, what will be your job in the future or right now everyone has difficulties but let's say that's normal for a one person living just for a mistake and there is no perfect life, but the real actions and hardest responsibilities like does the job that I mentioned above are so spectacular and amazing?

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