Best Home Business for unemployed

In different countries, there are different needs in every place, so it may refer to styles and traditions, but I can't mention all of this so we will straight to Philippines business.

This is the best home business according to student survey:
Food Business
Because it's very fast and every one need food every day, you can start on Miranda's, cooking or baking, making great karinderia's if you are nearer to any school or populated towns, make repacking foods supply, you can sell anything you want, it's up to you what kind of foods it is, just make sure you capital money is enough to have it, this business idea is a homemade base reality showcase if you won't try the higher budget fund for wider business, lunching own factory is more acquirable of everything like a huge capital to be and requirements you will never try before because you must understand that making own factory has to be implemented to have an own trademark or company registered branch, making own factory will seize you to draw all out to continues of maintaining the business, but for you for the first time you must start on lower pride.

Higher Income - Huge Capital - 50,000 up to 500,000
Mid                  - Needs             - 25,000 up to 250,000
Lower Cost      - Needs             - 5,000 up to 50,000

Did you know that kids are continuously increasing and you might know more about how if you try to think what would be the main needs and the # 1 possibilities for more costumer it's (kids) so this are the list for kids costumers demand you home business (Home Made)

1. Ice cream/Ice candy
2. Candy's/chocolates
3. Spaghetti/pasta/bake macaroni/soap
4. Shake/fruit juice/lemonade
5. Cakes/bake bread/biscuits
6. Stick foods or street foods

Making this happen you will go to try is for the month of financial support and passive income, the compliments for your sustainable hardships, do not try to skip it until you will realize your money grows up. Bankruptcy is not a problem; you must find the good costumers and place options.

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