The best senator in the Philippine History

Miriam Defensor-Santiago – 882 measures (758 bills and 124 resolutions)
The defender of the country from corrupt and abusive idiot present president of the Philippines (The Aquino administration) 

In 2012, she became the first Filipina and the first Asian from a developing country to be elected a judge of the international criminal court.

In1965. Santiago graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science as a Magna Cum Laude, from the University of the Philippines - the Visayas. After she graduated she was also elected to the Pi Gamma mu and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies.

She was first elected Senator in 1995. During her three terms, she served as chair mostly of the foreign relations committee and the constitutional amendments committee. She was elected as the official candidate of her People's Reform Party. Hence she also served as a chair of the foreign affairs committee of the commission on appointments.

She has studied at several universities, including Oxford and Harvard law summer school; Cambridge; and The Hague Academy of international Law. She earned the degree Master of religious studies without thesis at the Maryhill School of theology, Santiago went on the fellowship to the United States and earned the degrees master of laws and doctor of juridical science degrees at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She finished both degrees in a period of only 1 ½ years. The following school she took a special position as on assistant justice secretary. She also taught political science at the Trinity University of Asia. She was a law professor at the University of the Philippines and teaching evening classes for some ten years.

She has a lot of Honor Awards
1. Magsaysay Award for Government Service, 1988, Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize, Magsaysay Awards Foundation 
2. TOYM Award for Law, 1985 (The Outstanding Young Men) Opened to Women 1984, Philippine Jaycees
3. TOWNS Award for Law, 1986 (The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service), Philippine Lions
4. Most Outstanding Alumna in Law, University of the Philippines, 1988
5. Gold Vision Triangle Award for government service, 1988, YMCA Philippines
6. Republic Anniversary Award for law enforcement, 1988, Civic Assembly of Women of the Philippines
7. Golden Jubilee Achievement Award for public service, 1990, Girl Scouts of the Philippines
8. Celebrity Mother Award, 1991, Gintong Ina Awards Foundation

One of the greatest mistakes of people in the Philippines is the years when Santiago went to stage and declare to run as a president of the Philippines and the dreams that won't happen was created by Fidel Ramos, Fidel Ramos is her opponent that time as the elections starts, and people never know a dark election was compromised.

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